Riding, Shopping and Saving

I'm stopping by for a short update. We had a wonderful weekend! We spent Saturday morning rodeoing with my junior steer wrestler and now steer rider. He loves it! And I love it for him.

 He really loves this sport. We videoed the two events and my husband is learning how to pull pictures from the video, so I should have some pictures later this week. I do have some pictures from the last couple of months that can be found HERE.

I hit the grocery stores on Saturday evening and walked away with the golden goose! Really, I did! I had coupons that I was saving for just the right moment and was able to use them. For example... I had a $3.00 coupon for any Pepperidge Farm item, so I used it on the B1G1 frozen cakes for $3.88 and only spent $.88 on both cakes. I usually don't buy margarine, but Land O' Lakes had $.40 coupons on their website so I printed two. The store had LOL margarine B1G1 for $2.19 and I was able to use the coupons and they doubled! So I was able to get two boxes of margarine for $.59, that's $29.5 cents per box.  I bought almost $200. worth of groceries for right at $80. Two of the stores (Food Lion, Kroger) I had to use their card, while at Publix I was able to walk away with some really good savings without having to have a card. ** If you don't have a shopper's card for your store, I highly recommend you doing so. Food Lion shows on the receipts how much you saved by using just the card. I saved $20. for just using the card and then all the coupons. It really is a helpful little tool!

Also, I was asked about my denim yo-yo bag. Here's a picture.  I've made a couple more since I made mine and changed a few things. The thread I used was a lime green, orange and magenta/ hot pink.

I hope your days are going well. Today is laundry day here (the busiest day of the week due to the largest mountain of laundry seen on this side of Friday- the other laundry day), so I'm going to go get busy.


  1. your grocery deals sound wonderful! It seems like everything costs too much so wso I am really pleased when I get or read about good deals.

    your bag is very nice.

  2. Hey, Rhonda!

    I agree, grocery prices are still on the rise. I too, like to hear about other people's savings and deals. It give some encouragement!


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