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Back a few weeks ago, I was reading over at the PrairieFrog Blog about a Pinterest Challenge. In this challenge, all you have to do is create one of your "pins" weekly or monthly. Well, I chose to do a monthly challenge, because it takes me a while to get into the crafting mode. Once I'm in the mode, there is no looking back.This has been one of those not looking back weeks.

Not too many people know of my love for Primitives. I love the old worn look of items that seem to have been around since the Mayflower. I even have a Primitive board on Pinterest. Some of the pins, I'm working on.

 For the challenge I chose this pin. I so love the tin cup arch decoration. I knew when I pinned this, I would have to make it some how without spending hardly any money.  And come up with a way that I would not have to store it for the future.

After looking at the photo for several days and being in the woods helping my husband with a deer stand. It dawned on me that I can make one without spending a dime for this project. Now, mine is different and it is so adorable, if I should say so myself. I finished it today and I can't wait for my husband to come home, so he can give me his thoughts. I can't bring myself to hanging this on the front door. I just love it above the fireplace!

Here is my version~

I sprayed painted some tin cans silver and tied aged cheesecloth around each one. We have several huge evergreen trees in the yard. So I cut several limbs to use across the top of the mantel and glued little sprigs around the top of the can. I painted pine cones gold and acorns red and glued those around the greenery. I even added a sprig of mistletoe that my husband shot out of the tree for me. I used jute for the holders on the cans and the stick and wrapped a piece of homespun fabric around it. The curved stick was found while I was cutting pine cones down. What a surprise!

 Since I'm showing some of our Christmas decorations, here is one of my favorite Christmas decorations. I found these little guys at a flea market and only paid $2.00 for them.

Here are some of my prim candy canes, that I've made. I have these for sale in the Etsy store.

I was so hung up on the tin can holder and I knew that I wanted to go with something similar for the front door. This is what I came up with.

 During the early part of fall, I collected some of the white oak tree acorns and placed them  along with some pine cones in an old jar.  This is going to be sitting on the table beside the sofa. This is perfect, since it can stay out year round.

I've not put up our Christmas tree yet. We are planning to go and cut one at a near by farm next week. Once it is up, I'll take a few pictures.

If you'd like to join the Pinterest Challenge,  and not be just a pin hoarder. You can join in, just click the challenge graphic and see what others are working on.

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