My Emily

I am so excited to write this review because it is the first book that I downloaded on to my Kindle Fire that I received for Christmas.

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My Emily is the second book that I read from the many downloads that I have. It is the first book that I read all the way through and really enjoyed even through all the tears.

This book tells the story of a hurting family, an amazing little girl and a mysteriously faithful God.  Emily wasn't born perfect - so one might think. She was born with Down Syndrome and many would jump to the conclusion that she would have very little hope for a life with any significance. Two years later came the diagnosis of leukemia. What little hope remaining turned to no hope whatsoever - or so one might think.
The life of this little girl, with all its perceived imperfections, had great meaning. Her loving nature and courage touched the hearts of everyone she met. She also taught them how to value their own lives - even with their many "imperfections." 

Matt Patterson tells the story of the life of his daughter Emily. Emily was born with Down Syndrome and faced many trials as a precious little girl. When others thought that she was not perfect, Matt and his wife knew that Emily was perfect; she was created by God.

Matt  explains his emotions and feelings while taking care of his little girl and her health concerns.  His way of writing and expression pulls the reader into the lives and emotions of this family.

No matter what was going on in Emily's life, the Patterson family had One they could cling to. While going through the emotional roller coaster of caring for a child with a disability, Matt clings to the Lord and holds tightly to his faith.

This is definitely a book you do not want to miss out on.

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  1. I have a regular Kindle that I received for my birthday last year in March. I love it. Thank you for the book review. There is a purpose for every life that God creates.


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