Laundry Soap Update

I wanted to write a quick update on my laundry soap.

I received an email about a post that I wrote reviewing Downy Stopables.
"I am getting ready to make homemade laundry soap and I love the Downy Unstopables, but  they are pricy, I was wondering if you have tried pouring the Unstopables in your soap as the scent?"
Here's my answer ~ The Unstopables are expensive. I searched the isle to see if there was another brand of scent booster that I could use and came across Purex Crystals which were three dollars cheaper for a larger container than the Unstopables. It was easier for me to swallow $5.00 on an experiment that I did not know how it was going to turn out, so I bought the Purex and made a batch of soap...

 You can find my original soap post HERE with updates HERE, HERE and HERE.

I've been using this batch of soap for about a month. In this batch I only used one cup of the Purex Crystals, the next time I make it I'll be adding another half cup maybe even a whole cup. Since I only use Fels Naptha in making my soap, the lemon scent is a little stronger than the Crystals, so it boils down to ~ MORE SCENT? - MORE CRYSTALS! For the Unstopables ~ I would probably go with the one and a half cups, just to be happy!

I put the crystals in the pot of soapy water to dissolve, after the soap has completely melted.

I personally like my soap without the scent and will definitely finish up the bottle of crystals on our towels and wash cloths. I like knowing that our clothes are clean without having a strong, artificial scent. That is what I like about the Fels Naptha. I don't have to worry about a lingering smell ~ everything comes out with a clean smell, nothing more.  I have a fear of scents in our clothes. Have you ever smelled someone who wears a scented deodorant? That smell clings to the fibers in clothing. Sometimes it is so bad that after a while it begins to leave a funky scent ~ a scent that smells "unclean" even after it is washed. Don't believe me?... iron the underarms of a shirt and give it a whiff. That weird underarm scent is from all the scented deodorant, even when the shirt is clean. Do you really want the smell lurking about when you are warm and stressed and under pressure?  I don't know about you, but I don't. You have probably guessed, I wear an unscented deodorant. ;)

I also wanted to mention that I've cut back on the TSP. In fact, I don't put it in the soap any longer. I use about teaspoon in the washer for very dirty jeans and work clothes. My husband noticed irritation around his neck and where his sleeves hit on his arms and thought it maybe from the TSP. I'm thinking that it may not have dissolved completely and settled at the bottom of the bucket, since it was in the last of the soap when we started seeing the irritation.

Hopefully, this helps anyone who is thinking about homemade laundry soap.

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