I finally got some chickens! I am so excited about this little endeavor. We were able to buy a Barred Rock pullet and young rooster.

I've had their names picked out for a while... Hank and Henrietta.( I taught the sweetest little boy who had chickens and he talked about his Hank and Henrietta all the time. Just hearing his stories about his chickens made me want a Hank and Henrietta.)

Along with these two came 13 chicks. I chose a variety so I could hopefully raise different breeds to help make a little money. We have Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks, and Araucanas.

    This is Flapper, Jamie's chick.


My husband came home last night from work asking if I wanted a Rhode Island Red rooster. I laughed, and told him if he'll build another coop/tractor, I'd be glad to take him. Hopefully, within the next few weeks, we'll have it ready so he can come here.

I didn't show complete pictures of my coop, because it has temporary walls up. I didn't expect to get the chickens this week,  my husband was planning on finishing it up on Saturday. We got the call  on Monday to pick them up, so he quickly nailed  OSB walls and roof on. Hopefully, he'll be able to finish it up Saturday afternoon, when we get back from the Jr. Rodeo.

We all hear about the "Crazy Cat Lady", I've been tagged with the "Crazy Chicken Lady" title by my husband. I'll gladly accept it.


  1. Congratulations Crazy Chicken Lady! :D I look forward to hearing your chicken stories!

  2. well hello crazy chicken lady.
    they look like fun and lots of entertainment.
    hope you get lots of yummy eggs too


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