Fierce Beauty a Review

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Women are constantly bombarded with the lie that how we look is far more important than who we are. It’s time for a clarion call back to the truth.

Journey with gifted storyteller Kim Meeder as she encourages women to see that true value is defined by our Creator and that our worth has a purpose of eternal proportions.

Real beauty isn’t a look, it’s an action. It can be found by making one crucial, life-defining choice—to lay down personal ambitions and selfish desires, pick up your sword of encouragement, and fight for those who are losing their battle for hope. As you do, fierce beauty is revealed—along with lasting value, fulfillment, and joy.

In Fierce Beauty, Kim shares inspiring true stories from her own life of adventure, love, and loss—including her parents’ shocking death when she was nine years old and her struggles with self acceptance, knowing God, and standing for Him. Through it all, you’ll discover life lessons about trust, transformation, surrender, forgiveness, and genuine purpose.

Ultimately, life comes down to one question: Will you serve yourself or your King?

My Thoughts:

We are faced every day with the idea of our appearance matters in every way.   We are shown images of the "most beautiful" people according to magazines. But how beautiful are these people really? We are not shown their true image ~ the way they really live. I was raised hearing, "Beauty is as beauty does" and "Beauty is only skin deep".  Both of these statements are very true. Several years ago, there was an article written about a famous singer/actress and it stated that while she was on location the other actresses could not believe how vulgar her mouth was. She seemed like one person in movies and shows and then the true person showed up, she was not all that beautiful anymore.

Kim's book is well written and uses short stories that prove "Beauty is as beauty does." Some of the people and animals have suffered from situations that brought out the true beauty in each.

This is a good book for Moms with daughters. It would not hurt Moms with sons to read, since boys go through situations that hinder their inside beauty.

I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for my honest opinion.

422033: Fierce Beauty: Choosing to Stand for What Matters Most Fierce Beauty: Choosing to Stand for What Matters Most

By Kim Meeder / Multnomah

In Fierce Beauty, Kim Meeder shares stories from her own life that challenge women to take a good, long look at what they see in their own reflection. To do a thorough self-examination and see if instead of worshipping God, they are now worshipping their own designer-influenced images. Meeder challenges every woman to let her life have a unique value and purpose, not found in self-entitlement or worldly standards. With straightforward truth and deep, life-changing encouragement, Fierce Beauty will empower women to choose who they will honor with their life, to pursue their true destiny, the will of their Creator--and by doing so, to discover the joy and fulfillment as they lay aside stereotypes, turn from selfish ambition, and confidently impact causes that matter in their community.


  1. I completely agree. Beauty comes from within and shines outward.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. I wish you would allow blog followers. It would be easier to keep up with you. I rarely read email, but I have a blog roll on my blog.


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