What Was That?

I found this daffodil in the field on Monday. Isn't it pretty?! I have never seen one like this, so I had to try and find out what kind it is. I'm thinking that it is a Butter and Eggs variation. (You can scroll through the list to #4 on the link.)

Now for a Chicken Story~

I heard something this morning and it kinda scared me at first. I had thought that one of the many bicyclists that ride our road had been hit and left. As I was waiting, watching and listening I realized that it could not be that, my husband had just left for work and he would have stopped if something was wrong. Besides it was still too dark for anyone to be out riding. But then again, some of those people are crazy enough to ride in the dark.

While I was filling up the waterer and feeder for the brood box, I heard the noise again. This time is was coming from behind me, so I turned around and checked the run that Henrietta and Hank are in and didn't see anything.  This time it sounded more like a choking sound. While I was coming in the door, I turned around and was watching Hank and saw that he was flapping his wings and all of a sudden a froggy sounding "cock a " came out.  I knew then what the noise was. Hank is learning to crow! It was neat to watch as he kept trying  several times and finally he was able to get out a  "Cock a doodle" that last little doo didn't quite make it. I'm sure he'll have the hang of it by tomorrow morning.  He seemed so proud of himself and Henrietta ran from him like she might have been a little scared.

My little chickies are growing so fast. Several of them are learning how to roost on the roosting rod that we put in the brooder box. I found them the other day flying up to the top of the feeder and waterer. It won't be long before they are out in the coop with the other two. Funny, how this endeavor had taken root with my husband. He's beginning the planning of converting our dog pen into a big coop.
                         BIGGER COOP = MORE CHICKENS Free Smiley Courtesy of www.millan.net


  1. That is so funny, Lori! You made me laugh at Hank trying to crow and poor Henrietta running scared. :D No sleeping in when Hank gets the hang of crowing. ;)

  2. I'm sorry it took me so long to respond. I have been busy with some spring cleaning. As of this morning, Hank has finally gotten the hang of crowing. He still sounds like has a small frog in his throat. But I really love hearing him in the mornings.

  3. Sorry I'm commenting so late....been behind in blog reading lately.

    That is so fun that you've gotten chickens! I just love hearing the roos when they first start to crow. It kind of has a "teenager" sound to it to me, with that scratchy, not-quite-there sound.

    Love your chicks too! Have fun!!

  4. I completely understand! I've behind on all comments.I've really enjoyed hearing Hank in the mornings. His little voice is getting stronger and louder.


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