It's That Time Again!~

 I can't believe that it is already the middle of April ~ boy, does time fly!   For the past week, I have been busily going over our present curriculum, reading my notes on the yays and nays of each subject. I have more yays than nays, and that is a good thing.

I am eagerly waiting on the plans for the fall classes at the co-op, so I'll know what I need to either buy or not buy.    Hopefully, I'll get those in the next couple of weeks.

I've been kicking around the idea of schooling year round for the past several months. I think I like the idea, but I also think I would miss my summer days off. ~There's no thinking about it, I know I would miss them. Year round schooling is still up in the air, but one thing I do know that has become a permanent fixture in our schooling and it is our 8 weeks on / 1 week off.  This is a perfect combination for us, right about the 6th week of school, Jamie will start asking when is the next week off. Because of this, I may change it to school for 6 weeks and off for one. I haven't looked that far in the future to see holidays and what not.

I was asked by Jamie to change one thing and that is our Language Arts. He had rather have a grammar textbook instead of the Learning Language Arts Through Literature. It just didn't click with him, so I am looking at Easy Grammar.  I'm hanging on to our Winston Grammar, since I'd rather have Jamie learn to label the parts of a sentence without dealing with the confusion of diagramming. In fact, diagramming is not even necessary once a student hits college, other than one of the big Christian colleges.

For Spelling, I'm jumping in with Spelling Power. I really should have ordered this book years ago, but the price just kept scaring me. Well, I'm diving in and spending the money, then I won't have to worry about Spelling in the future.

We are going to be using some Literature Study Guides from Progeny Press.

I'm sticking with Teaching Textbooks for math. We love this way of learning.

For History and Science, I have an idea on what we are doing. Since both of these subjects are taught in the co-op, I'm waiting to see what is being offered.

I'm also looking at several books from The Critical Thinking Co.

I'm thinking about starting a foreign language ~ What? I'm just now starting this? You bet! English is a hard enough language to master, why would I want to start another before we have our native language learned!?

Of course, we will be in 4H again along with rodeoing.

As soon as I finish up planning my curriculum, I'll post everything that we are going to be using.

Sadly, that awesome picture at the top is not mine. ~  Image Source

Have a good week!


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