Hoarding No More

I wanted to show a few pictures from this week and last weekend's junior rodeo.

Do you remember this PHOTO from last week?


I sure do! Looking at the photo makes me think of the show Hoarders. First, I am not a hoarder. Secondly, I am not a hoarder. Thirdly, I AM NOT A HOARDER; just a little sentimental over cutesy papers my son created when he was little.

I spent Monday and Tuesday going through that pile of folders and notebooks and now I have a HUGE garbage bag of papers waiting to be taken to the garbage drop off in the morning. I even went through Jamie's K4 notebook and threw out a bunch of stuff. I had to have him help me, because I just couldn't choose to throw away some of the cute art projects that he made. Funny, he had a hard time with that too!  I am so glad  it is over with and now I can look on into summer without knowing I have that horrible task to complete.

Here is what is left of that pile ~

                                                                  Shocking, I know! 

Here are a few pictures of last weekend's junior rodeo. We were so proud of Jamie! In chute dogging (steer wrestling), he won first place with a 10.2 second throw and came home with a first place check, which went into his savings account. **This was his first throw in about 8 months, he chose not to chute dog in April. He was checking out his competition.**

Here he is on his steer. I felt like throwing a dirt clod at the man in this photo. I took pictures for my husband, while he was in  the chute helping Jamie with his rope.  In every picture I took for him, this guy was in every one; RIGHT. IN. THE. MIDDLE! Jamie did well on his ride, he didn't cover the bull (a full 6 seconds) but he did get out into the arena which was exciting.

I'm sure you have noticed my watermark on my pictures. I made it adjustable so I could decide on how I want to place it on my pictures.  That's why it looks different in all the pictures that I've posted since making it. I made it using Photoshop Elements 9, just as soon as I can write out how I did it, I'll post a tutorial on how. ~ Hopefully!  Photoshop Elements is not cheap and it takes time to learn it; so if you are like me and want something quick and easy for everyday pictures, don't spend your money on it.  I have one other editing software that anyone can get their hands on because it is free and I'm working on a tutorial for it.

My weekend consist of laundry, grocery shopping, thrift store shopping and blueberry and blackberry picking.  Have a good weekend!


  1. Isn't it hard to get rid of those special papers? I have a drawer of letters the kids have written me...ones with hearts and I love Mom on them (even those some you can really READ it LOL). They're special, but they take up a lot o space! I can't part with them though!

    Pretty neat on the rodeo! Nothing like that happens around here (unless you can banding lobsters LOL).

    1. Would you believe that my Mom still has a few things we all made when we were little? She kept a little bag full of cards and schoolwork that we all did. My senior year in high school, we moved so at that time, she (we) threw out boxes of papers that she kept through the years.

      As for junior rodeo, we have to travel to the other side of the state for my son to compete. We don't have any close to us. There are a few above Greenville, South Carolina, but they are the same mileage for us to travel. We're looking into those for possibly the fall.

  2. I still need to tackle my stack of papers. Actually they aren't even a stack yet but they are sitting there taunting me. ;) I'm going to jump into organizing them, along with a whole lot of other stuff, this week.

    Way to go for your son in the rodeo. (I already like him since he shares my name!)

    1. It's a relief when those papers are together and put away.

      Jamie read your comment. He likes you too! He loves when he meets other people with his name.

  3. Congratulations to Jamie! Hubby and I enjoy watching bull riding. :) I'm constantly twitching in my recliner when watching those guys and he laughs at me, but I see him twitching sometimes too! :D

    1. We all do the same thing. It's one of those things that you know will happen but it still surprises you when it does.


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