Home Education: A Little Sacrificing

Home education is a way of life. For me it is a very serious part of my daily life during our school months. Yes, I am a parent who does not school year round. I've thought about it, and I just can't bring myself to try it. I enjoy my summer months off and being able to prepare and look ahead for the following school year without any current work hanging around my shoulders. Who knows, I may give it a try in the next couple years when my son is a little older.

I love having the freedom of choosing what I teach my son. I don't have to settle with one particular curriculum that is not a fit for our learning. If I choose, I can use several teaching methods for different subjects. I can use videos to help in understanding a specific moment in history. I really love this one... I don't have to be the math teacher! My son can pop in a CD and be taught without either one of us pulling our hair out.       ~ That's a good thing! We can spend days at museums and other local places to do some of our learning. ** Learning doesn't come from just books.**

As a Christian family, we choose to teach from a biblical standpoint. My son knows that many believe in evolution and has been exposed to some of its teachings. He also knows why we do not believe in it and will not agree with it. We have also continued to teach him about how Christians and Jews alike have been persecuted for their biblical beliefs. This is something that is not taught as much in our public school systems now days. Instead the textbooks being used are teaching the opposite; those that are known for persecuting Christians, Jews and others are being made to look as if they are a loving group of people. You can see more about it HERE.

My husband and I chose to make the sacrifice in keeping our son at home. Going from two paychecks down to one is a huge step. Over the years, I've learned how to become more thrifty. I've learned how to make many items that we use in our home. Together we have learned how to be good stewards with my husband's paycheck and any money the Lord blesses us with.  We've also learned how to trust the Lord for our needs;  He has provided each time a need came up. 

I really get aggravated by people who tell me how they wish they could teach their children at home, or bring their children back home and continue home educating them. It's very hard for me to just smile and nod my head in agreement.  I want to tell them they don't have enough faith and are not willing to sacrifice to make the change. ~ There, I did it. If you are reading this and  thought I want to keep my children at home and cant/won't or whatever eases your mind, you've just read my two cents on the matter.

I've mentioned this before in several posts...Our children are a gift from God. It is up to us to protect them at all costs. If sacrificing to home educate our children is a cost, it is well worth it.


  1. Good for you to care so much about your son's education. They won't even let kids pray or say the pledge and use Gods name or salute the Flag. I feel sorry for all the school age kids now that have to go to public school. I was raised in Lutheran school and had people say all they taught there was religion...not true..teachers were very devoted and if it wasn't for them I would not have passed Civics. I think I would have lost my mind trying to home school 8 boys all at the same time in a rural setting without access to any of the places you mentioned for help. They went to Lutheran school as long as we lived close to one and I think that helped. I applaud you for what you are doing for your son

    1. Thanks Nancy! Your'e right about the public schools. I was raised in a Christian school and taught many years in Christian schools, there are teachers that are truly devoted to children and their education.


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