~Tide Pods~

I was sent a sample package of Tide Pods to try out and review. I'm a skeptical consumer, just because a package says it is going to do something, doesn't always mean it will happen. The packaging of the pods did not say the product it is going to do something miraculous.It stated Pop In and Stand Out. It also states that it is a Detergent, Stain Remover and Brighter.

I love convenience, who doesn't? These nifty little pods contain, detergent, stain remover and a brighter. Each ingredient has its own little compartment in the pouch. I tried the first pod with my husband's work clothes.  Most of the dirt that he brings home is from the inside of the work truck and massive white stains from where sweat dried during the day; something that washes out without any problems.  I did not see any difference in the pants or shirts. Also, there was no lingering scent to make my closet smell good for days.

The second pouch I tried with a load of whites. For this washing, I kept a couple of socks out for another load, so I could tell if there was a difference. Yes, I noticed a difference! The socks in the white wash were whiter than the socks in a different load.  ~ That's a plus!

The one thing that crossed my mind about using these pods, is the dissolvable plastic. I can't help but think back to when I had a dishwasher and used the Cascade dissolvable packs. The inside of my dishwasher turned black after using them for about a month. I'm wondering what kind of film will build up on the clothes and inside the washer. Definitely something to think about.

Now, remember I am not a store bought laundry detergent user. I am very happy with my homemade soap. I'm so happy with it, I don't see me changing back to store bought in the future.  Price comparison with my laundry soap? I'm not even going to go there, because the pods will be through the roof. Convenience, is it worth spending the extra bucks? For me, no. As an individual consumer it's up to the individual to decide what is best for them.


  1. Glad to read your thoughts on this. I made the homemade laundry detergent a few months back. My husband didn't like it, especially for his work clothes, so he bought the Tide Pods. Actually, he bought several pod-type high performance detergents and liked Tide Pods the best. I've used them and really like the convenience. I'm back to using my homemade laundry detergent for our regular clothes. This time, I'm adding Purex Crystals since I didn't add a scent to it and I think that's another reason why Robert didn't like the homemade stuff.

    1. I like my soap with and without a scent. I think it just depends on a person's preference.


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