My All Time Favorite Student

I have enjoyed getting to know other families who educate their children at home through the Not Back to School Blog Hop these last few weeks.  This week is all about the students.

I remember the day I was going to have a baby; it's still so fresh in my mind. I began praying I would have a son, I did not want anything to do with a girl; I only wanted a boy.  I wanted to have the opportunity to train him to be the right kind of Christian man. The Lord answered my prayers when he gave me Jamie. I can only pray the Lord will use me in training this young man.

I can't believe Jamie is a seventh grader! It's a little hard for me to believe how fast time has flown by, but it's even harder to believe that it is flying by at this very moment.

Jamie has always been a rough and tumble boy. He is no different now that he is older.  He has a passion for bull riding and steer wrestling. He really doesn't care for having his picture taken, so I didn't even ask. The larger picture below is from last year. It is one of his birthday photos, my husband took. He has changed so much since this was taken. I am so blessed to be Jamie's mom!


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