Where We Learn

I have really enjoyed reading about other home educating families' school rooms over at the IHOMESCHOOLNETWORK this week. In my home educating years, I have never had an actual school room or area. I'm not one of those typical moms who have maps and posters hanging on the walls with a plethora of bookshelves full of books. I want my house to look like a home when others come to visit without all the extras. I'm not one to buy a lot of big things to use and then have to find a place for it. If it looks cluttered to me, then I'm not happy. Most home educating moms are going to think I'm odd, but I really like seeing my house.

For the past seven years we have had our education time either around the kitchen table, or we were comfortable on the sofa.


This year is no different. I can't believe we are on our eighth year of home education.  At the moment our house is packed and in storage and once everything is back in its proper place, I'll post pictures.

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