Honoring Our Husband: The Forgotten Lunch

Earlier this week, my husband left his lunch at home. I tried calling him before he got too far down the road, but he didn't hear the phone in his pocket under his coat. This was the second time he left his lunch in about 3 weeks. The first time it happened, one of the men he works with was out this way plowing snow and offered to pick it up. He declined the offer because he knew I would probably be a sleep and I was.

Honoring Our Husband: the Forgotten Lunch

When he came home the other night, I had started to joke with him about not making it anymore if he left it home again. Before I could even tell him, he told me about a man at work telling that how he has had to make his own lunch for several years now all because he left it at home. My husband continued telling me how he spoke right up and said," My wife would never do that. In fact, she would tell you, it is part of her job. From the day we got married, she has made my lunch, no questions asked." When I hear about working men having to do something at home because a wife refuses to do it, it breaks my heart. A wife is suppose to be their husband's helper.

When I heard all of that I felt good. Boy, I'm glad I did not have the chance to joke with my husband. Yes, I could have because he is that kind of person, but I did not want to ruin the fuzzy feeling I was experiencing.

 A simple packed lunch can make a happy husband!


  1. I have friends who call me Betty Crocker cause I pretty much cook supper every night etc. Their husbands buy breakfast, make their own lunch and pray for something for supper. When I got married, I just knew this is what I would do. I mean why get married if you do not want to care for your family.

  2. When we first got married, I was working full time so my husband and I had a deal where we took turns cooking and whoever didn't cook cleaned up. He made his own lunch for work. (I was able to go home for lunch and fix my own then.) When our oldest was born, I quit my job. Since then, I've considered it my job to care for the house and family since I don't have outside employment, so he cooks very rarely now. But he can if he needs to. :)


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