A Day Out

This has been a fabulous week! Monday was like any other Monday... slow starting. No one here likes Monday! Tuesday was pretty good. I spent the day putting together my grocery list and menus for the next two weeks. Wednesday was a our Miles City trip due to me having to transfer my license. For all my Georgia family and friends who can walk in a wait and wait and wait in line... There are certain cities in Montana that the DMV is open certain days and you have to have an appointment. Well, the two closest offices fall into this category. I had my appointment for several months. I guess it's a good thing my Georgia license were not ready to expire since I had to wait.

We made a whole day of being out of the house on Wednesday. While we were in Miles City, we stopped at a small Made in Montana store. What neat items they carried! They had everything from pottery to jewelry and drinks, ice cream and frozen meat. Everything was made right here in Montana.

Of course, we stopped in the St. Vincent de Paul's thrift store. I just love that place! It's small and they don't really have a  lot, but they always have something that catches my eye. I found  two antique lamps, two wool sweaters, and a cute little basket. My husband even stumbled across a turkey stool.

I'm thinking about painting the brass bottoms on the lamps silver. For the sweaters, I'll be felting them and using them in a couple of projects. I'm waiting for the perfect place to hang the tiny basket. You may have to click on the picture to see the base of the lamps better.

I knew when I went into Walmart and Albertson's I was going to be spending a lot of money this time around. We had ran completely out of some things that needed to be replenished so I was not shocked at the total cost of groceries. I was a little shocked over the price hike in some of the items we normally buy. Since Christmas, the Wheat Montana brand bread went up a little. On Wednesday, it had gone up a whole dollar a loaf since our last trip. Needless to say, I didn't buy any of that brand. My husband loves sausage, and in the past we had to settle with brands that add MSG until I found a mid-western brand that did not. Even the price on sausage went up two dollars a package. People around here say it's from the oil, but I'm really not sure it's all oil. I honestly believe a lot of it has to do the the government.

In our school this week, we finished up Duel in the Wilderness that we started last week. I will add here, that there are a couple of bad words in the book, but if you are using it as a read aloud, then, they're easy to skip over. We came home with several armloads of books from the library on Wednesday. We started  a read aloud about Kit Carson. It's funny how this book has been on the list for several months, but Jamie just didn't seem interested in it at all. Wednesday, he decided on getting it, I'm glad he did because I'm really enjoying it.  Jamie took his first Science test today and he made a 100. I don't think he realized what a huge difference seventh grade level Science is from all the other Apologia books in the past. It's an eye opener for him!

I'm working on the details of a History project, Jamie will be putting together. There is so much history about the battles of the Revolutionary War, and the areas where they took place and Jamie is quite curious about them. Since our curriculum offers the idea of a Battle Notebook, we're going to spin from what it mentioned in the book and go from there. Hopefully, this will all work out.

I finally caught a picture of Jamie studying. He is so much like me and had rather have his finger nails pulled out one at a time than have his picture taken. I had to sneak this one by him.

I finally finished knitting the sweater I started a week or so ago. All I have to do is add the other two buttons and try and figure out a different loop, since a three stitch I-cord is too big for this. I also need to block it again so all the "stiffness" around the hem and sleeves soften up some. I found the pattern HERE and I used the Simply Soft in Persimmon and Dark Sage. I love, love, love this yarn! It is super soft and easy to handle.

In the kitchen this week, SAUSAGE is the new thing right now. I cooked up some pork and chicken to add to our Brunswick Stew that will be put in the crock pot on Sunday morning. I have no clue as to what I am going to cook for supper tonight. I know, I planned a menu, but I don't plan according to day, I plan according to meal. There may be a night I had rather have something quicker to prepare than something that is more detailed. I usually let Jamie pick a meal for Friday and Saturday since it's the weekend. Hopefully, he'll let me know what he is in the mood to eat.

It looks like our spring weather will be coming to an end this weekend. Yesterday and today, the windows have been opened and the singing from all my little birds have filled the house.  I love sitting at the kitchen table working and hearing the voices of those tiny creatures the Lord made.

Have a good weekend.


  1. I can relate on the menu planning. I know what I want to cook, but I do not plan what days I will cook it.

  2. Hi Lori,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. And you were right, it's granola in the jars.
    Sounds like you had a great week. Love those great finds from the St. Vincent de Paul's thrift store! The sweater you finished knitting is beautiful!
    God bless you. Have a wonderful Saturday

  3. That sweater is just beautiful. Way to go! I am so jealous...but I may have told you that before. Thanks for linking up to HammockTracks and I hope you'll return again this week.


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