Spreadable Butter

Don’t buy spreadable butter! Make your own instead. It’s cheaper and you know the ingredients inside your butter.

I love the idea of easily spreadable butter. I remember  not too long ago trying to make grilled cheese sandwiches and having to set out the butter or (I'm hanging my head in shame)...pop it into the microwave for a couple of seconds at a time. I'll explain why my head is hanging in shame in another post, one day.

I began researching how to make spreadable butter  sometime last year. The first batch I made, I couldn't get over the fact of all the oil that was being added to it.  Every time, I used that batch all I could taste and think of was the oil. I decided spreadable butter, was probably one of those things I was just going to have to buy.

Last month, I decided I was going to try making this again, so I dug around the internet to see if I could find something else and I did, water and oil... Who knew? :)

                             You can definitely tell when my photographer is at work today...

~Spreadable Butter~

2 sticks butter
up to 3/4 cup oil

 Depending on your taste and want you may use up to the whole 3/4 cup. Using your mixer is going to be your best friend for this, unless you are in need of an upper body workout.  I use cold butter so I can keep a watch on the spreadableness :) to keep from having to add all that oil.

In a mixing bowl add butter and beat on high until fluffy. Continue mixing while slowly adding the water and oil.  I check my butter using a rubber spatula until I get what I want.

Remember you may not need all of the water and oil.

When chilled the butter will be spreadable and it will soften quickly.

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