Teaching Time Zones

Time zones - something many people don’t know. Are you teaching them to your children?

I've noticed something lately while reading a couple websites on the internet... people do not know Times Zones. I even read where someone lived in a rather large eastern city not know which time zone they lived in. Really? How do you not know what time zone you live in? Hello, get your head out of the sand!

It is kind of hard for me to grasp the idea of adults not knowing which time zone they live in. It's also a little difficult for me to understand adults not knowing how time zones are different in hours. Maybe it's because I have taught school for so many years or someone slept through school. :) Who knows?

When my nephew was serving in Iraq, I knew he was ten hours ahead of us (at that time).For our family to pray for him as his day was beginning, we would be praying for him when our day was winding down.  Have you ever checked out the time zones for the European and Asian continents? They are seriously, confusing!  If not, you need to check them out at World Time Zone.  It looks as if some of those countries do their own thing, those rebels! All kidding aside, you have to really do some digging to find zone names like Baghdad Time and Moscow Time which are similar to our eastern, central, etc.

I know most of Arizona does not observe Daylight Saving Time and that is why the state has a symbol on the map below. Really, I love DST. The days are longer, the sun is still shining at almost bed time. :) Let's just stop the madness and not change back  to the boring old standard time in the fall.~ A girl can hope, right?

I just noticed on the map I added standard to Alaska's time but really it's just like the others most people leave off the word standard when they are talking about the zones and  I didn't add Aleutian for Hawaii, yeah I got lazy on that one.

Of all the maps out there on the internet for teaching the USA time zones, I love THIS one. There is just enough color to keep you from draining your ink cartridges if you choose to print in color. If you are like me and have a child who detests coloring, well it's just perfect.

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