Living with Migraines Series: Feverfew Tea

Looking for an all natural method for migraines? Feverfew may be an option for you. Once you get the medicinal plant into your system, you may find the healing effects what you are looking for to help ease the havoc that wreaks throughout your body.

Last summer, I began reading about herbs for migraines after reading a blogging friend's usage of feverfew tea for her daughter's migraines. It  also got me thinking about all the money I spent trying to prevent and ease migraines and all the chemicals I was adding to my system and how many of those were not actually needed. Boy, the money!  I can just see it going up in smoke. Some of those shots were $100 a piece. My insurance did not cover them, but hey, they worked.  They worked so well, the side effects made me think I was on fire from the point of the injection all the way to the top of my head. It was not pleasant and I would never go with that prescription again!

I know many people don't believe in the use of herbs or that they really work. I remember the first time I heard about using herbs, all I could think of was a hippy witch doctor ~ I have my upbringing to thank for that thought. Sadly, many people who live a  more natural life are considered off in their thinking, but they are more than likely healthier than most people. When I think about herbs, I think how God created them and he gave man the wisdom to use herbs for thousands of years before there were any chemical laden medicine. Think about it!

Living With Migraines: Feverfew Tea

In February, I finally broke down and bought some bulk feverfew.  I was planning on making tea with it since I had read that it is easier and quicker for the body to absorb the tea than it is for it to be in a pill form. Of course, if I had feverfew growing, I could chew on the leaves, but after drinking the tea, there is NO WAY I could chew on leaves. :) It's that bad!

Here's is what I wrote about receiving and making the first cup of tea.
I love getting mail! When my husband came on home on Friday, he had a box for me. I was excited because I was anticipating the delivery of my vanilla beans, Feverfew and tea infuser that I had ordered the day before Valentine's Day. Being new to buying bulk herbs, I didn't realize four ounces was quite so much. I've been reading up on Feverfew and the best way to take it for migraines and from what I've read, a tea is better than a pill, since it is already been broken down for your system. With a tea, you can drink it a couple of times a week to help in preventing the migraine. This is something I'm working on at the moment.
Yes, I'm trying my best to drink this tea down as quickly as possible. It tastes just like it smells~ dried weeds! Actually, if I would have added more honey or sugar it probably wouldn't taste so bad. I'm seriously going to be considering buying the capsules to fill.

I can't help but giggle when I think back to that day. Yes, Feverfew is an extremely bitter herb. There is no getting around the taste, as far as I can see.  The first trial run of drinking the tea made me realize, I would probably not be able to take it during a migraine. The first couple of sips made me nauseous. I just knew I wasted money on this. After finishing up what I could, I had no ill side effects. I just didn't see me being able to drink this a couple of times a week. In all honesty, extra honey and sugar will not help any.

It wasn't until after I began digging around the internet for help with the taste that I found THIS webpage. I read about the soothing effect Feverfew has on your body. If you've ever suffered from a migraine then you know what kind of havoc it can wreak on you. I was amazed at all the ways Feverfew helps your body throughout a migraine. I was able to find out if the soothing of Feverfew was real, last Saturday. I was quite thrilled to not experience any of the other effects of a migraine that I normally experience.

I steeped a cup of tea for about 30 minutes. I had to hide the tea in a glass of sweet tea. I tried hiding it in a Dr. Pepper and ruined the Dr. Pepper. All I could taste was the tea. Sweet tea hid it and within two hours after finishing up the last of the bitter brew, my migraine was gone.

Hopefully, this will not be like some of the over the counter medicines that work for a few months and then stop. I'm hoping this will be my go to remedy for migraines here on out. Yeah, I'm really thinking about making the tincture for a preventive route. And for all those who think bad about bringing alcohol into your home to make an all natural remedy... you can't bring in NyQuil without bringing in the alcohol.  ~ Just a thought.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a healthcare provider. I am simply a wife who is sharing what she has learned from research and a trial and error routine of finding healthy alternative for myself and family.

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  1. I am in complete agreement with you! I would much rather use something natural without all the added chemicals. I agree about the alcohol as well. We do not drink it for pleasure but keep it for medicinal and cooking purposes. A preacher once told my husband to buy some blackberry wine to settle my nausea that I had from a migraine. It worked! So, we keep it on hand now for upset tummies.


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