A Week with the Presidents

We’re studying the presidents this week. We quickly learned reports about these men at that time were false. Bad reporting was going on even then.

What a week! It's a little disturbing to realize it is already the 5th day of April, time seems to be slipping by rather quickly for me.  Thankfully, it is Friday because our Friday's are more laid back and we spend the day finishing up on lessons that may not be 100% completed and we do more reading .

We began studying the Presidents in AAH two weeks ago and this week we’ve been studying  John Quincy Adams through James Polk. It’s quite interesting to read about the early lives of these men.  During our study of William Henry Harrison, we found it rather interesting how the Whig party portrayed him to be a simple frontier Indian fighter drinking cider and living in a cabin, when in reality he was born into Virginia aristocracy.  Funny how “not telling the whole truth” in American politics has been around for many, many years.

In our science, we have been studying Geology this week.  I've been using a lot of videos and photos I came across from HERE to help me in learning to like science and hopefully create a love for it in Jamie. Marty has some amazing stuff listed for upper Apologia sciences and her Youtube channel is wonderful!

This time next week, Jamie will be in bullriding school. This is something that we've been wanting to do for a couple of years, and now have the chance. My husband and I are really excited about this opportunity because he will be learning from one of the best, former World Champion Cody Custer. As a Christian mom, I'm excited about this because of the Christian testimony Cody has and I'm not going to have to worry about dirty words slipping from his mouth when he talks with and around my son.

We've been enjoying spring like weather for almost two weeks. The temperature has been close to 70 until yesterday when it cooled off some. Today there is a chance of rain with temperatures in the 60's. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the rain.  :)

We've been enjoying some new recipes over the last week. I shared the Barbequed Beans and Sausage yesterday and I have several more to write up and share. Hopefully, I'll be able to get them up within the next few days.

Tomorrow's the day... my grocery shopping trip to Miles City. Hopefully, I'll be able to swing by the thrift store, since they were closed the last Saturday we were in town.

Sharing a verse today that I have to remind myself of some mornings.


  1. Bullriding, wow! What and adventure!

  2. Bullriding school!? Wow!
    And we're loving the springlike weather, too!


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