It's Finally Spring

Within the past two weeks, spring finally sprung in this area. The temperatures are perfect for open windows and doors. When I say doors, I mean opening the main door and allowing the sun to come in through the glass door. With frigid temperatures during the winter and early spring it is impossible to be able to open the door for anything other than going in and out.

 When we lived in western Montana, we heard people talk about depression ~ a lot. I can understand why there are so many in this part of the country who suffer from depression. During the winter months in this area the days are extremely short. This past winter, we had winter type weather for six months and many of those days had less than 10 hours of daylight.  When you drive through the two towns here, you will see 90% of the houses with their curtains/blinds closed up completely.  Most of these houses do this to keep the cold out, but they are also keeping wonderful natural warmth and light out of their houses.

I'm a rebel! I refuse to close my blinds during the day. I have to have the warmth of the sun shining in and being able to see the cheeriness of what is going on outside of my house. My curtains in the living room are never closed. Of course, I don't have neighbors in the back except for a couple of deer who seem to be curious some days. The morning sun peaks in and brings that room to life each day.

Would you believe the sun will rise around 5:05 during the second and third weeks of June? The sky is light for about 30 minutes before the sun even makes its appearance in this area. During those weeks, we will have almost 17 hours of daylight. With these long days comes the energy to get household chores completed rather early.  This morning, I was able to clean and put away the breakfast and lunch making dishes along with our bed made and two loads of laundry washed and hung out to dry all before 8:30. When I ran to check to make sure the wind had not blown any clothes across the back, believe it or not, they are already dried; and it's just 10:00.

Most of my little seedlings, have been transferred out into their proper containers. We have the most wonderful neighbors who live across the road. They are the ones who own a cattle farm and since they are up in age, they have allowed their son and his family to live there while they live in their son's house.  He took my husband out to the farm to get a truck load of "recycled" dirt. :) We were also given huge tubs (feed tubs) which we are using for are vegetables. Yay, no hoeing!

I'm so thankful spring has finally made it's way here.

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  1. Hello Lori, I just love spring. Of course I love fall too :-) I am just like you when it comes to having the curtains open. I just love the sunshine and the views.

    I didn't realize you were in Montana. How fun! It's one of my husband's favorite places to visit and fish.

    So glad you stopped by today.



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