Brimwood Press Worldview Curriculum Review

We live in an age where we meet people of ALL WALKS OF LIFE all the time. People in general can be different in their way of thinking more than we really want to admit sometimes and it can be hard to understand why they believe the way they do.

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When I was asked to review a Worldview curriculum by Brimwood Press, I was very excited because this is something I was planning on teaching in the fall. One thing I noticed quickly about A Young Historian's Introduction to Worldview way before I even received my package (I came across this from just reading the website) it is not strictly a Christian curriculum book. There are Christian leanings but it is an overall NEUTRAL worldview. That means other religions could feel at ease in choosing this book to study worldview from their point of view. These books are written for children between the fifth and eighth grade ages.

In the Worldview bundle I received:

A Young Historian's Introduction to Worldview

Secret of the Scribe

Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism

A Young Historian's Introduction to Worldview
In four lessons, students and their families gain a solid working understanding of what worldview is, how it impacts culture and history, and its importance to their lives personally. Rather than studying individual belief systems, the guide helps students understand the basic beliefs of four worldview families. Contained within each family is a variety of specific religions and philosophies. Through learning about worldview families, specific religions and philosophies can be understood in light of their "family resemblances". 

This is where we started; we learned what a worldview is and how it influences our culture and our past. Our worldview affects our daily life and how we accept the challenges we face each day. This is a four lesson study, so you can finish up within a week or divide the lessons up between a couple of weeks, like I did. Each lesson consists of the “teaching” section, hands on activity section and a table talk section, which is extremely neat so families as a whole can join in on the learning whether they are there for the actual learning time or not.

This is a wonderful hands on approach and the book comes with the boxes and paper that is needed.

Secret of the Scribe

Born to a slave woman in the palace of a Sumerian queen, Tabni is raised amid splendor far beyond her lowly status. But when disaster strikes, she is thrust alone into a harsh world and forced to rely on the one possession she cannot lose – the ability to write. Struggling to survive, Tabni makes a daring choice that threatens to turn all the gods in heaven and earth against her. It is only a matter of time until the gods unleash their fury and exact vengeance.

This is a wonderful historical fiction book. It is written in the first person and Tabni draws you in, very quickly. It is the companion book to Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism.

Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism

Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism (CTAP) is a nine month curriculum that compares and contrasts ancient Near Eastern myths with Old Testament stories to teach Christian theology. Through this in-depth study of the ancient struggle with idolatry, students gain a compelling view of the uniqueness, coherence, and beauty of the Christian faith. The student is engaged in a journey that reveals just where the ideas of ancient polytheism and Christian monotheism lead. Along the way, they will discover that the misconceptions and temptations of the ancients have profound relevance for youth of the twenty-first century.

CTAP enables young people to grasp the grand narrative of God's Word and to recognize its central plot, characters and themes. This literary approach combined with the method of comparison and contrast cultivates higher level thinking skills and gives students a rudder with which to navigate the sea of competing ideas.

CTAP is the Christian reader's guide to Secret of the Scribe and contrasts the worldview of both the novel and its historical setting (ancient Mesopotamia) with Christianity. As a comparative theology arising out of a historical narrative, CTAP facilitates explanation of Christian belief within a setting that shows the student why these beliefs matter.

CTAP has twenty five lessons; each lesson can take 2-3 days to complete depending on your schedule. Each lesson has a different “subject” that is explained along with discussion questions pertaining to the subject. Most chapters have a section that asks you to READ Bible scripture and answer questions regarding the scriptures. I love, love, love the idea of being able to take the Bible and show Jamie this is why we believe what we do.

We are at an area where we are taking a summer break from this curriculum, but I can’t wait to jump back in, come August.

I received this curriculum bundle to review in return for my honest opinion and the links are affiliate links which will cost you nothing if you choose to make a purchase.

BrimWood Press history and worldview curriculum for homeschool

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