The End of the Longest School Year

The end has come... I never thought today would get here, but it finally came. ~ The last day of 7th grade. This has been the longest school year for us with traveling across the country two times. Thankfully, our state has wonderful home education laws, so I don't feel the need to rush, rush, rush to get things finished.

Honestly, if it weren't for a little poking and prodding we would still be working on Math next week. Math is the dreaded subject both Jamie and I hate to see coming but this past week, Algebra and Geometry were learned so it was a little more interesting for us both.  ~ Seriously, who am I kidding?  Math is math, call it what you want, it is still a snore fest for me.

Jamie's 4H projects were finally found and brought home. Aren't they just cute? Meet Snuffy and Daisy. They are Mini Lops and this little pair has been a breeding pair for about a year or so.

We are not planning on breeding them for a while, but we are planning on it in the future. Snuffy, the buck is a broken blue (gray) color and Daisy, the doe is a broken squirrel (brown) color.
~*~ SNUFFY~*~


I've been working at gathering up all the books from years past that I just couldn't part with, so they can finally be sold. Next week, I'll be finalizing the paper work for this year.  Then I'll have a few weeks off for what will be our summer break.

Have a great weekend!

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