Reading List - 8th Grade

A look at our reading list for this coming school year.  This is a huge list and I know we won't get through them all this year, but they have a nice selection to choose from.

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I am really looking forward to our reading this year. A good many of our books that will be read pertain to our history curriculum.  With All American History, you have a wonderful book list filled with books that go along with your studies.  I also try to include as many classics as I can; most of those will be our read aloud books.

With our history book list it is hard to choose books because there are so many good ones.  Of course, I would love to be able to read them all, but I know we can't, not in one school year. This is a list of the books I chose for us to read and I *hope* we are able to complete.

~Unit 1 ~

On to Oregon! by Honore Morrow ~ The movie Seven Alone is based on this book. I found the book on Ebay.

~Unit 2~

~Unit 3 ~

~Unit 4~


There are a lot of books on this list. I know I will  probably not be able to get my hands on some of these when I need them in our units (we have a tiny library) and  that is okay, because as long as I can pass (actually shove) my love for reading into Jamie, it doesn't matter if we get to all of them or not.


  1. My 5th grade teacher read Seven Alone to us out loud. I love that book! I found the DVD for the movie about 6 years ago, but I only watched it one time. (Maybe I'll watch it again soon!) I should buy the book. Great memories! I'm pinning this so I can get some of the other books to read sometime.

  2. Hi Lori, do you all have a Kindle? Because many of these books are too old for copyrights, they are available free in Electronic versions.

    Hope you all have a great new school year.

  3. "as long as I can pass (actually shove) my love for reading into Jamie"... LOL! I've been trying to do that with my kids, too.

    I've never read "Girl of the Limberlost"; I'm going to have to check that one out.


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