Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism; a Review

Every Christian home should be teaching their children to have a Christian worldview, not just leaving it up to the church. As a homeschooling mom, teaching my son to have a worldview through a Christian perspective was important to me. Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism digs in deep for a deeper learning without being too complicated.

I am way behind on posting this, but I wanted to really get into the book so I would know how to give my honest opinion.
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Now that we have been able to spend several weeks studying this curriculum non stop, I am amazed! For a memory refresher, I spent two days reviewing over A Young Historians Introduction to Worldview. Jamie was able to "teach" me what we had learned back at the end of May. The hands-on learning is eye opening and easily helps in understanding differences.  You can read my review for A Young Historians Introduction to Worldview HERE.

I can not say enough about  the Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism book. My heart and mind is still amazed at what I am relearning about my Christianity.  This wonderful book is meaty and thought provoking while yet simple enough for a middle school child to use and learn from.
There are not any "lesson plans" for CTAP, but is it very easy to use. There are twenty five lessons and each lesson can last for five days. There are some longer lessons that will need more time to cover.  You will also need to read Secret of the Scribe which goes along with CTAP. I break down each lesson so it will last between four and five days.

We are using the comparison charts that are found in the back of the book. I'm super excited about copies of the charts that have answers so I can help in getting the thought juices flowing.  I made copies of each one and placed them in a notebook for easy use. Having Jamie write in his own words regarding what we have talked about has helped him in retaining what he has learned.

Learning about ancient cultures and how they worshiped is something that never really crossed my mind until now. Teaching Jamie how the days of the week were all named after a god or goddess and how the people spent each day worshiping a different god,  could have been a little out of my comfort zone, but there was a enough information in the book to hit the nail on the head. We were able to do a little more online research to take what was given and spend extra time on the matter. Quite eye-opening for a fourteen year old!

In lesson four, Marcia wrote about how God is INCORRUPTABLE and because of this, we CAN STILL  HAVE a RELATIONSHIP with Him. An A-M-A-Z-I-N-G point to teach children! This point is well written and easy to understand at any age.

Growing up in a Christian school, I was drilled theology questions and answers, but never was there a time when a teacher taught us why we believe what we do by using the Bible. All those verses that were included, were never once read or explained. Once we were in high school, I had friends begin questioning why we believed a certain way.  Again, no teachers would give a good reason, other than we are the correct way in believing and we are not to question what we had been taught. As parents, it is OUR responsibility to make sure OUR children know why we have the beliefs we do. It should not be left up to someone else to guide your children spiritually, because they will encounter those who really do not know themselves.

If nothing else is bought to teach your children about worldview and their Christian beliefs, the Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism and Secret to the Scibe books are a must for every Christian family.

Again, I can not say enough about Brimwood Press Worldview Curriculum. It is definitely a keeper for me. Of all the books that have come through our home, this is one of the few that will stay.

**I was sent a free worldview bundle to review in return for my honest opinion. The links to the products are referral links and will cost you nothing if you choose to make a purchase.**

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