Memorizing God's Word

Bible Memory is very important in our home. There are so many precious words of our Lord contained in the Bible that we all should memorize.  Today, I'm sharing my method of memorizing God's Word.

As a Christian mom, I make sure we have our daily BIBLE TIME if nothing else is accomplished during our day. Without that special moment in the mornings, our day usually will go to the dogs. If you haven't guessed by now, the Bible IS the foundation of education in our home.

I remember when I was a little girl, we would DRILL Bible verses ALL. THE. TIME. It worked, because I can still quote those verse. They have been hidden in my heart and they are easily accessible when I need to remember one.

I am not a DRILL mother nor a Bible verse testing mother. We just do not sit and quote verses several times throughout the day and before bed. As for the testing, when I was growing up, I was able to learn verses for the weekly test at school, but I did not memorize them. When I taught school, I truly believed testing over the memorization of verses was for the birds and defeated the purpose of having my students memorize them.  If they were honest, many of those students would probably admit to learning them enough for the test. Children should memorize Bible verses for the memorization and application, not for a weekly quiz.

Over the years of being at home, I searched for other methods of learning verses other than the DRILL METHOD. When I found this ONE, I knew this would work for our family. I did modify my cards a little differently than what is explained on that page; I left out the even/odd card.

While my date (1-31) cards were filling up, I assigned a number for every school day. When we came to that number, we reviewed the verse behind that card. Every week, verses were being reviewed until the cards filled up and then it was bi-weekly and so on.

Another thing I do differently, I have a "short" verse(s) card and a passage card that we work on every week day. We spend quite awhile on long passages like Exodus 20 (Ten Commandments) but, we are also hiding shorter passages in our hearts that are being filed more quickly.

To help in memorizing some verses that are a little difficult, I added Scripture Typer. We've been using it since April and love it. Typing the verses out for practice has helped with memorization and typing for Jamie.

If you notice in the picture, I do not use an actual box. Those little boxes are too bulky for me to haul to the kitchen table every morning. I sewed my card file so I can keep it in my notebook for easy storage and mobility. It has a two inch bottom and once I need a bigger one, I'll make a bigger container.

Here is my LIST of verses that are in my card container. I love this method of memorizing; it doesn't come across as rigid but instead as a laid back method for memorizing that works. That is something I LOVE!

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  1. Hi Lori! I can't thank you enough for this post! I looked at your links and was really excited about the Scripture Typer. I've always had a problem memorizing Scripture strictly from reading and would always have to write it several times before I could memorize it. Never thought about typing it out! Duh! ;-) So, I've signed up with them and going to start getting more of God's Word hidden in my heart! Yay!


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