How Low Will the Temperatures Go?

We are in the middle of a FRIGID weather system. Our temperatures have been below zero for a several days now and hopefully will be rise above on Sunday. So far, the lowest our temperature dipped was -25. When this system moved in we received 10 inches of snow; YAY! I love snow and winter time, but I am not Mrs. Claus and really don't love the North Pole temperatures.

Yesterday, Jamie and I did a little experimenting with a pot of boiling water... My husband giggle at my broadcast. He told me I should become a news reporter. ~ yeah, right!

Curious why boiling water freezes? You can find the answer HERE.  When we started back into the house and opened the door... a wall of smoke came billowing out. The warm temperatures met with the colder temps and *poof* smoke.

Someone asked me if our furnace runs constantly with these temperatures. I'm sure a lot of  houses around here do, but we don't allow it to run constantly. With the price of propane almost $2.00 a gallon and having to buy a minimum of 200 gallons, we use several small space heaters to keep the furnace from burning through a tank. At night, when the smaller heaters are turned off for bedtime, the furnace will turn on and run some during the night. Of course, we all sleep better when the house is cooler and our skin and sinuses are thankful for not using the propane so much

For now, we are snuggling under blankets 
and sipping hot cocoa and enjoying our winter weather.


  1. hi Lori, it is really cold here but not quite as cold as where you are.
    Your movie is great! it is so clear and I enjoyed seeing your neighborhood and your science experiment.
    I've been drinking lots of hot tea.

  2. Wow! sounds coooold and a good time to sip on hot tea :-) It's getting cold here but our high is at least above zero, 14*.

    Keep warm~



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