Our Favorite Roku Channels

If you missed my post about Ditching the Satellite Dish, you'll want to read about why we chose to stop paying to watch TV and switched over to Roku.  I'm SHARING OUR FAVORITE ROKU CHANNELS today since everyone has their favorites.

A Look at Our Favorite Roku Channels

There are literally hundreds of channels to choose from on the Roku box. Over the past week, we have spent much time checking out any channels that looked interesting. While some were duds, others were pots of gold. Roku offers channels for children, families, movies, recipes, sports, weather, you name it, it is probably on there.

These are just a few of our  channels that we have added:

Netflix is our pay subscription. We love it, we've been members for several years and are happy with it.

PBS has a channel and I'm loving it the most because it picks up our location in Montana, which means we can watch Backroads of Montana and learn about our state. For my Georgia friends, this show is very similar to Georgia Traveler.

The History Channel, who'd a thought it? There are some interesting shows, but not many that we watch since THC has followed many others and now requires a TV service provider to watch many of their shows.

The Smithsonian Channel,  quite a few educational programs. They also provide 1-3 minute videos on certain subjects. You can learn a lot in those few minutes.

AllFitness TV, every imaginable type of workout is on this channel.

Pilates has its own channel.

Gooseberry Patch shows short videos for recipes that are published in their cookbooks.

BYUTV, has family friendly programming. You will have to know their schedule to watch any favorite shows. I like to watch American Ride, and Wind at My Back. I can't wait for the return of Granite Flats.

Radio Classic Broadcast, I enjoy listening to these when I'm in the living cleaning or just knitting.

Pandora, my husband was quick on the draw for this channel and added his account before I could add mine. So needless to say, I added some of my favorite Pandora radio stations to his, so I can listen. :)

iEducation, has  short videos on math, science, economics and other subjects.

Innovative Language, is a month paid channel, but they also have individual foreign language channels for $ .99 a month. At the beginning of March, I'll be subscribing to a foreign language channel for Jamie, to give it a try. Hopefully, it will turn into something good for school.

The next few, if you can look over their crazy timing loop for ads, have some very good classic shows like The Beverly Hillbillies, The Lucy Show and Bonanza. Family Fun Flix, Classic Western, Saddle Up Western, Pop Flix. 

For those who LOVE the outdoor/hunting/fishing channels. You are in luck, because there are several to choose from. Bowhunting.com, WildTV (paid), Wired Outdoors, Demand the Outdoors (paid), Heading Outdoors, TMP Outdoors, WildADRENALINE, HUNT365TV, MyOutdoorTV (paid), New England Outback, and TEAMKILLZONE Outdoors (paid).

Let's talk about advertising for a bit. On regular TV, there is NO CONTROL over what is aired. Truthfully, the same thing goes with the ads that are aired on some of these Roku channels. But, I have NOT seen anything questionable. Most of the ads are "As Seen on TV" items and prescription medicine lawsuit ads and cell phone ads. The FoxNow Channel also airs previews of their shows  Nothing out of the ordinary or questionable. ~ What a relief!

Roku also has private channels that are not listed in the channel store. While many are free, there are also some paid subscription channels. I'm still learning why there are "open" and "private" channels.

At the moment, my husband and I are not willing to spend any more money on watching TV.  Maybe later on when we feel the need, we will be a little adventurous and try one of the paid channels.

Any time, I sit down in front of the TV now, I get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing, I do not have a contract over my head with a dreaded monthly statement landing in my post office box, nor am I paying to watch any of it unless it is on Netflix.

Like I said before, cutting the cord to pay TV is not for everyone. It is something you HAVE to WANT to DO and ARE WILLING to take the PLUNGE.

If you are a Roku watcher, what are some of your favorite channels?

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