Just Need a Break

Sometimes you just need a break! That is what we are doing today ~ a day off from regular book learning. Jamie spent all weekend in class for the state hunter safety course and after two and half days he was begging for a break from school work. We have been schooling non stop since the first of January, so a little break is needed. In fact, I was a little happy he asked if we could take today off; how could I not give in?

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The only actual work he is doing is reading the book William Wallace for his research paper. Actually, WE are reading it together. There is so much about Wallace's life that is unknown, while many facts have been distorted because of Hollywood. My grandmother was a Wallace and very proud of it. Knowing this, Jamie has a real interest in our Scottish ancestry.

While Jamie is reading, I am finishing up some planning for the next year. While I have most of my curriculum chosen, there are still a couple of areas where I am scratching my head in wonder. I know by the time I am ready to order everything, I will have made my decision.

In the past, I have kicked around the idea of year round schooling and could never quite make a go of it. But, this next school year is going to be the starting of something I feel we need to do. Jamie wants to graduate early, but I don't see early as a year, but around Christmas of his senior year. I graduated at Christmas and was able to work a job afterwards. Since Jamie has begun talking about it a little, I'll be encouraging it a lot. I think it will be good for him and me.

I found a really good thing about planning for high school. When I come across something but don't feel Jamie will be ready for it this coming year, I am making notes about it for the future years. You can see my HIGH SCHOOL NOTEBOOK in the above picture. It is divided up for the next four years so anything I think is grade appropriate is jotted down along with the website.  ** I do not do any research without this notebook because I will end up with a thousand sheets of paper with small notes written on them.**

One day, I will let you take a peek inside my high school planning notebook.

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