Where Did Spring Go?

Did someone forget to send winter the memo about the first day of spring being March 20th? Just when I was all excited about seeing mud, mud, and more mud a foot of snow fell Sunday night; and to keep things hopping ~ it is snowing at this very moment. Really, where did spring go?

I have mentioned it before, the transition between winter and spring is the hardest for me to get used to here. When I think of spring, I think of daffodils, tulips and crocuses blooming in the middle of January and February and seeing green grass almost year round. Well, while all my family and friends are enjoying the spring weather in the south, I remember while they are facing 90 degrees and 100% humidity my spring will be just beginning.

The Meadowlarks have returned so spring is on its way. 

With all the snow brings many little house finches, sparrows, and chickadees to my feeders. I caught this one Monday morning waiting for all the mass confusion going on at the feeder to end. Such a patient little thing.

I had someone ask me about how I like the weather and the snow here. Honestly, I love snow! I don't have a problem with snow. I remember praying for snow every winter in Georgia, because I really love it.  Now, I can do without the sub-zero temperatures like we had this winter; -30 really plays on the arthritis in my fingers which makes it hard to knit.

Since the weather can't make up its mind, whether it is going to warm up or stay cold;  my kitchen is toasty warm with the oven baking pies. Jamie has learned the process of  pie crusts. This picture is of a cherry pie he made this week. The crust was perfectly flaky.

Hopefully, today was the last Wednesday for any grocery shopping trips. Since this is the last week for winter work hours for my husband, I am more than excited about spending every other Saturday in Miles City hitting up my favorite thrift store and our VERY NEW Dollar Tree. It opened on the twenty-third and today was the first day I had been able to shop there. I am so happy because our store is H-U-G-E compared to some of the other stores I have been in since our move. 

If anyone has found spring, would you please let it know I would dearly love to see it soon.

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