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I can't believe I'm saying this... Our middle school days are numbered; five days to be exact. This is a little hard to swallow, not because my precious son is growing older, but because I am facing high school ~ AGAIN! Thankfully, my high school years are in the past and I never have to relive them, unless they are in a nightmare.

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I was a little worried about facing these years. We have always kept in the back of our minds during our home education journey, I would go back to teaching and Jamie attend school. At the moment, this is not an option, but if it arises in the future, it will be something we consider.

Facing high school with a boy who is not sure what he wants to do career wise, is hard! In fact, I didn't know what I wanted to do at 14, so it's natural, I guess. One thing that has helped me with this one bump in the road, is to lay the law down about college... he will attend. He may not know what he is going to major in at the moment or he may not graduate with a degree, but he will make an effort.

With us just starting out in our high school years, the one thing I can do for my son to help him succeed in the future is make sure he is PREPARED. Since I don't know what field he will be going into and working towards it at the moment, I can make sure he has all of our state's requirements and any prospective college's requirements met.

I have heard some horror stories of young people not making it into college all because they were not prepared. This saddens me because some of these young people really wanted to attend college and there was no one working to help them succeed. It is up to us, the parents, to have a plan ready for action when our children hit these important years. Whether we steamroll right through the years and reach our goal, or we hit a few snags and spend extra time achieving the goal, our children NEED must be PREPARED for college.

I have had several home educating friends who have already walked the high school road with their children, recommend to me The Home Scholar. Lee Binz has some wonderful things on her website and it is ALL ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL! I have read and reread Lee's book Planning High School Courses and, both times, I learned something new. If you haven't read the book, I highly recommend it.

The biggest thing for me in planning for high school was to make a plan for all four years; I need to know what I will be facing. I found what the state of Montana requires for graduation and then I went to our local high school's website and found what they require. From there I went to Abeka and Bob Jones, along with many of the Christian schools in our state to get an idea of what  is learned in each grade and electives. I found some interesting classes  being offered as electives throughout our state and two classes will be right up Jamie's alley. Now that I have a completed high school plan, I can focus on each individual grade and not worry about the future. Our high school plan is not set in stone, but it is something that we can work towards each year and it gives me peace of mind in knowing what we will be facing.

This is our high school plan, as for the electives, Jamie will choose which course he wants and when.  After looking at it, I feel all the excitement of starting high school.

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  1. I saw ASL on your high school plan and was ecstatic. I knew 1-10 and two words of sign language as I ended high school. When I found that the college that I had chosen offered classes, I jumped right in. Now 7 years later, I work as an interpreter for my Sunday School and church, and I try to encourage others to learn. It is such a cool language, and too few people bother to learn it. A friend, Heather, was on a missions trip last summer, and was offered a home and job by the chief of a village because she was the first person he had met that could communicate with his deaf daughter. Anyway, all this to say that I am very happy to learn that your son is learning it. I hope he does well.

    Also, on the subject of Jamie not knowing what major/job he wants, try researching Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation or other aptitude testing centers. I had already picked my major before trying JOC, but they confirmed that it was a major I would be good at.

    In Christ,


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