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Since I'm enjoying my parent's visit and missing a lot of blogging time, I wanted to share with you my COMMON INGREDIENT SUBSTITUTE LIST -  A free printable just for you!  The ingredients on the list are items that I have personally used and had good results with, but please be aware, your results may differ from mine. One thing you will notice the list is for COMMON ingredients most of us have in our kitchens. I don't cook with funky food ingredients, so you will not find funky ingredients on the list.


The Free Printable is NO LONGER available. It is now offered as a subscriber freebie. You can subscribe in the sidebar or below this post.

Now, on to a little about my week.

My parents  made the trek across country for a visit. We have spent a lot of time visiting with each other and doing some sight-seeing. Before they left Georgia, my mom called and asked if there were some things I would like to have that I can not get here. Well... knowing that I am unable to get certain things, I made a list. Everything listed traveled right along with them 1700 miles. Last Sunday was like Christmas for me; having my parents visit and then bringing boxes and bags of wonderful things that are either sold only in the south, Georgia, or they don't sell in large quantities here. Wondering what they brought?

Twenty pounds of Corn Meal Mix-  I can only get two-pound containers of corn meal here. Ten pounds of grits - again, only two-pound containers are found here. Four jars of Duke's mayonnaise, it's a southern thing, y'all. Georgia cantaloupe - those things are HUGE compared to the ones out here. Sweet Georgia Vidalia onions - we do have Walla Walla onions, but they are not Vidalia. If you've eaten a Vidalia onion, then you will completely understand. Lastly, there were several bags of sweet, juicy Georgia peaches.  For those of you who know all the about the juice running down your chin when you bite into one of these things, you will understand why I asked for them.

I took my parents to see the Range Riders Museum in Miles City and we visited Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. We were able to see several hundred bison and really enjoyed the view of the badlands and canyons. I didn't take any pictures, so I could do the driving through the park for them to see everything.  My dad took a lot of pictures and he can't wait to show everyone back home. The day was long but perfect!

I've tried not to wear them out since they drove 1700 miles in a short amount of time and at their age. My dad is not one to just sit around, so he has found little things around here to keep him busy. My mom and I have done  A LOT of talking and reading.  I can't wait until next week to see their faces when they see Glacier National Park for the first time.


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