Saving $750 And Still Enjoying TV

In January, we decided to cut the cash flow to paying for television. It has been the best thing we’ve done in a l-o-n-g time. The main reason for this decision was to save money, but we also did not enjoy worrying about crude advertisements while watching TV. We're saving $750 and still enjoying TV very much.
We're saving $750 by turning off the satellite box and using the Roku box for TV

Saving $750 and Still Enjoying TV

After being hounded by Nielsen for several weeks at the end of last year, I finally decided to fill out the diary booklet. After seeing what we watched on TV for a week, it was time for some decision making.  We watch less than 35 hours of TV a week, in fact, some days the power button is never pushed on the remote control.

I mentioned before, this was a decision we made together after trying to stretch pay checks.  We talked about a Roku box a couple of years ago and the whole idea went out the window. It took my husband sitting down with the bills and the check book to realize paying to watch the few shows we were interested in, was stupid. He even went as far as asking some of his friends who have mentioned on Facebook using Roku in their home. Everyone told him to go for it, he wouldn’t be disappointed.

When we bought our Roku box in January, I was a little skeptical of how long my excitement would last. Well, I’m still excited about it because we have more than enough programs to keep us happy. We have 24 hours of weather, ESPN, CBS Sports, and a plethora of outdoor and hunting channels for my husband along with many other favorite channels. I’m still trying to get through the old western channels and mystery movie channels. So far, the only thing we are paying to watch is Netflix.

Since January, we have saved right at $700 and we have cut a bill that was hanging over our heads every month. That gross feeling we had when we went to the post office box and saw the Direct TV envelope, yep it’s gone.  I even kept the last copy of the satellite bill that read NO PAYMENT DUE.

Yes, there are TV shows we miss, but we are willing to sacrifice those few shows until they hit Netflix.  If some of the shows are on a channel that still allows viewing on their website, we hook up the laptop to the TV to watch them. While we’ve added a few DVDs to our collection, we have also found some of our favorite shows on DVD at the library.

It’s nice knowing we will have saved $750 this year by cutting one thing out of our lives. It’s even better knowing there is no bill hanging over our heads every month.

Do you not pay for TV? If you use other methods than a Roku box, leave me a comment, I'd love to hear about what you're using.


  1. Wow, I'm not even sure what a roku box is but it sounds awesome! We started Dave Ramsey's Financial Freedom Uni several weeks ago and following his program has saved us so much. I'm amazed at how much we were throwing away. We'd love to quit our TV provider but alas we're in contract. But we're like you guys, we hardly ever watch it. As soon as that contract is up, we're outa there!! Bravo for saving so much, it's motivating!

  2. We've been using Roku since 2009. We enjoy the variety of shows and especially enjoy the financial freedom of no big monthly bill and no contract with a satellite company.

    Being able to watch shows on demand when I want to is also a huge bonus.

  3. Ps - I remember that Walmart had a deluxe Roku in their Black Friday 2013 ad.
    It is quite possible that other stores will have them at a deep discount this year- could be a great time to buy one in just a month.

  4. We have a blue ray player that has apps like a roku. We use it to watch netflix and we have Amazon Prime. We do have basic cable which is just the main channels. I like to be able to watch the weather especially if we're having a weather event!


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