A Daily Cleaning Schedule for the New Year

If you are like me and spend any amount of time on social media, then you’ve seen the many links on how to clean your house in a blink of an eye. While these links are quite helpful, the ones I have read say nothing about starting with a clean a house. Your house needs to be clean before any whipping it into shape in less than 15 minutes (* see below) can be done.

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Being able to clean your home without spending a lot of hours takes time for it to actually happen. Your house didn’t get into the shape it is in overnight unless you have the Tasmanian devil as a pet, so don’t expect to be able to have a deeply cleaned house in one day.  Choose a room to start with and move on from there, once everything is sparkly clean, then you can blink your eyes to a clean house, or so they say.

 How I created my cleaning schedule

Creating a list of cleaning jobs is a great way to see where all of your energy goes. Prioritize those jobs from most important, like clean laundry and the main room where unexpected guests drop in to visit, down to the never seen laundry room. Once you've established what is the most important, decide if it is a daily job, or one that can be worked on weekly.

I wrote about using a cleaning schedule several years ago. My schedule has changed a little since then, but I'm still using one. Whether you are a stay at home mom, or one who works outside the home, a cleaning schedule is a wonderful way to keep from cleaning the same area EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I can't say enough about recruiting help in keeping things clean. Moms, you are not a maid! I’m sure you have things in your life you would like to do or learn, so have your family help out where needed.  Dusting is a perfect job for the littles to learn. It’s easy and doesn’t require anything but a damp cloth and a very eager helper.

There are some who have larger families than mine, so laundry day is every day for them. Do you have pre-teens and teens not doing their own laundry?  Why? Teaching your children how to do their own laundry and on a set day, helps you as a mom to keep from having to climb Mount Washmore,  more than needed.  It only takes one or two times of not having clean clothes for them to learn to keep their laundry washed and dried, just ask my son.

You can see my weekly schedule below. Everyday has a specific job along with the daily cleaning that is done. I love this! It keeps me from feeling like I do nothing but clean every day.
I mentioned one time about never spring cleaning. Yeah, I just don’t like that idea. I’d rather work on a room every month or so and have a spring cleaned house year round. With our school schedule, every six weeks we have a break, so the “monthly” jobs are done during those breaks.

While my cleaning schedule may not work for some, it gives you an idea of breaking things down into little jobs to accomplish the needed house cleaning so you are not hiding in the back of the house when Aunty Myrtle rings your doorbell.

(*) I spend more than 15 minutes a day cleaning. Those who claim they spend less time, well, they just need to come here and show me how it’s done because I'm evidently doing something wrong.

Do you follow a cleaning schedule or are you a fly by the seat of your pants kind of cleaning gal? Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear about it.

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  1. Thank you for the ideas. ;) With a very busy household and an old house it is sometimes hard to see where to begin. One room at a time is a GREAT idea!

  2. Thanks! I need this after the holidays and great for starting the new year off clean!

  3. I haven't had a cleaning schedule, but I'm thinking it might be something I need to add this coming year. There are a lot of areas of my life that are in need of change, so might as well make this one too. I'll let you know how it goes! :)


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