A Laundry Soap Update

I haven't written about my laundry soap in a while. I thought I had written about it since we moved, but evidently I didn't because there is no post about it anywhere to be found. Here is A LAUNDRY SOAP UPDATE for those with inquiring minds who likes keeping up with my laundry.

Switching from Fels Naptha to Zote in my laundry soap, a why in A Laundry Soap Update. It's probably not what you think. frogslilypad.net

A Laundry Soap Update

We have a town well for our water. It is icky and I don’t see how people drink it. I remember the first time, I turned the tap on and all that came out was a dingy liquid, not the sparkling clean water I was used to.  Believe it or not, over the past two years that water has played a role in our clothes becoming dingy after repeated washings and soakings.

During the summer, when I was grocery shopping I had my trusty Fels Naptha on my shopping list.  Wal-Mart was out of it that day and I found Zote further down the aisle while in search of a cheap jug of liquid detergent. I was a little hesitant about the citronella scent coming from the package but I bought it anyway.  When I opened the package, I found that the citronella smell was not a powerful, scary smell like the candles and burners for mosquitoes. Instead, it is a soft, pleasant scent and has no lasting effect on your clothes. You don’t have to worry about smelling like a human mosquito repellant walking around. :)

What drew me to trying Zote for a batch of soap is a friend of mine only uses Zote and doesn’t recommend anything else. Another thing I was interested in was the whitening power. Over the past year, I could have bought stock in Clorox because I was using so much on our whites. I really wanted to cut down on the use of bleach to keep from ruining what was being washed. After a couple of washings, our whites were whiter without having to use bleach. Over the last six months, I’ve only had to bleach a few things. YAY! I’m happy for that and I know our whites, kitchen towels, and dish cloths are happy also.

Zote costs the same as Fels Naptha and it is a larger bar. When making the soap, I did it the same way and found that the mixture has a little stronger washing power, so when I fill my smaller jug, I add a little extra filtered water and give it a good shaking.  A five gallon bucket lasts a little longer than six months because of this.

While I love Fels Naptha and would recommend it to anyone, I love the whitening power of Zote. As long as we are dealing with creepy water, Zote will be in my laundry soap.

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  1. We have made our own laundry soap for years but I will be trying out Zote the next time we go to Walmart.. :) We have town water which we are very thankful for but we don't drink it unless it goes through the Berkey first.

  2. I love Zote! I make a powderes soap and previously used Fels Naptha. I felt like there was a residue on my black pants/skirts and when I started using Zote it eliminated that issue.

  3. I wanted to do this but I can't find any of the ingredients here so I'll wait and maybe bring them home with me after furlough. Sounds like a great solution for yucky water!
    BTW, hope you have a very happy Christmas!!


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