Goals for 2015

I have been thinking about GOALS FOR 2015 for the past two months. I don’t make resolutions, but I do make goals. There is just something about the words New Year’s Resolutions that brings the feeling of defeat for me and I don't like that.  Last year I made a goal for myself and I actually made it. It took me all year but I finally did it. I switched over from being an English knitter to a Continental knitter.  Some of you are probably saying what? English knitting is when the yarn is worked by the right hand, while Continental knitting is where the yarn is being worked by the left hand.

Goals for 2015

My first goal for this year is to master Continental knitting. Continental knitting was a goal I made several years ago because I really want to learn to crochet edges on knitted items. Over the past year, I spent time trying to get the hang of crocheting and could never do it. I remembered a lady I met at a church while we were on the road who said it is harder to go from knitting to crocheting than vice versa because of the way the yarn is held. You know what? She was right, at least in my case.

I’ve been busily working on finishing up my husband’s afghan I started a hundred years ago, and I’m almost finished with it.  The blocks in this afghan are what I’ve been using to help me in my transition. Practice, repeated practice is all it took. A video I saw put out by Jimmy Beans Wool said it can take about three weeks to get the motion going and being comfortable with it. It took  a full three weeks for me because I spent about six days trying to get the hang of how I hold the yarn.

My second goal is near to my heart.  Bread baking is an enjoyable, relaxing homemaking skill for me. While I have never really liked any of my bread for sandwiches, we eat it anyway. Last year, after researching, I realized I needed an actual sandwich bread recipe, so I have decided Pain de Mie is the way to go. My southern friends think of Sunbeam bread, you know the l-o-n-g two pound loaf of cottony softness. I have a new Pullman bread pan I got for Christmas and I can’t wait to make the perfect loaf.

And lastly, my third goal is something I have tried before and failed horribly at it. Actually, I was successful one time ~

Quilting! I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I am. A friend of mine has been an encouragement to me by posting her blocks on Facebook when she gets them finished. Because I’m not in love with the new look of quilts, I’m going in a different direction with my first one. Something that will be easy to put together, a Civil War era  block quilt with reproduction fabrics. I have a couple of patterns I’m working on to enlarge to have the right size for a queen size bed. I have my fabrics picked out and can’t wait to order them next month.

Did you make goals for 2015? If so, I'd love to hear or read about them, leave a comment with your goals or a link so I can visit and read about your goals.


  1. That's a great list of goals! Continental knitting is totally new to me, good luck! I'd do good just to knit period.
    Nothing as good as fresh baked bread.
    And, I'm totally with you on the quilting. I started a Christmas quilt and almost finished it and then burned out. This is my year and when we come back from furlough I'm gonna bring supplies and that's gonna be my empty-nest time filler. Looking forward to comparing our quilts at the end of the year!!!

  2. Great goals, Lori! I am working on my goals a little at a time. One of your other posts got me thinking about a house cleaning schedule. I haven't got it quite together yet, but that is one of my goals to get my home organized.


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