Weekend Wanderings in Southeastern Montana

My husband and I miss our weekly dates to our favorite place to enjoy a milkshake back home. We’ve learned to get creative. Since we live in such a HUGE sprawling area with scenery that is just amazing, we enjoy our Weekend Wanderings after we stop for our favorite soft drink and a bag of popcorn and ramble up and down the open road just the two of us every weekend for a couple of hours.

Believe it or not, I still have not been on all the roads in this area, and I probably never will get them all covered. But I enjoy seeing the scenery and just hanging out with my sweet husband.

Here are a few places we have seen the past two weekends.

We are thankful for the invention in the next two pictures! The turbines help keep our power bill at a reasonable rate of about $50 every month unless we turn the fans on during the summer or a space heater during the winter.

This is the Hillside school that is in the northern part of our county. Yesterday, the cows were enjoying just hanging around the old schoolyard.

Mikey is my little buddy who usually rides along with us on our drives.  He loves riding in the back seat of the truck with his nose stuck out the window. Maybe one day, I can catch a good picture of him enjoying his trips.
Do you enjoy just rambling up and down the road with your honey?


  1. Just stopping by from After My Coffee. Thanks for linking up with us. My husband and I love going for rides too, but we don't take the dog. Live the old schoolhouse picture.

  2. Beautiful! The clouds have been gorgeous here lately. I love spring! I wasn't quite ready to see winter go, but the wheat is looking surprisingly good. As long as the fires don't burn the whole country, maybe Oklahoma won't be too unbearable this year. Praying for lots of rain... (and as few tornados as the Lord sees fit)


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