A To Do List {for 4/6-4/10}

Good Morning, I hope you all had a blessed Resurrection Day!

Today begins another week of caring for my home without any other necessary essentials drawing away my focus. Last week, we completed our six week block in school. Little did I know on Monday, my not so little scholar would work extra hours to complete a week’s worth of work by the middle of the week. When Wednesday morning rolled around, all that needed completing were two lessons in Algebra and two chapters in his The Red Badge of Courage study. Thursday and Friday we unwound from the daily schedule and totally enjoyed those two days. I did manage to plan my To Do List for this week on Thursday so I would be good and ready.

This week, I'm focusing on the laundry room and bathroom. I had hoped to work on the laundry room during the last week off, but I enjoyed the internet just a little too much after completing what was necessary. Since my laundry room doubles as my sewing room, I have a boatload of fabric that needs refolding and reorganizing. Our school closet is in this room also and it will get an overhaul this week.

My bathroom... I’m hoping to do something with it this week. I removed all the wallpaper two winters ago and the ugliness stares at me in the face every time I walk in there. The walls are plaster and have a horrible texture on them. Actually, most of the walls in this house have that awful texture and I dislike it. The bathroom wall with the window has seen better days. The plaster was not cared for before the granny wallpaper was put up, so we are left with fixing a problem. After doing some extensive research, we don’t love this house enough to patch those places. While at Menard’s I came across paintable wallpaper and the man told me that it would be a perfect fix after hearing about the wall. Would you believe the wallpaper matched the texture on the other walls? Talk about a miracle!

I bought a box of TSP (tri sodium phosphate) on Saturday to wash down the walls and prepare them for painting. I can't wait to see just how white the walls are supposed to be. I'm keeping my fingers crossed about the weird pink tint.

While our bathroom is extremely tiny, I will say I LOVE all the cabinets. The originals owners closed off a second entry to the bathroom from the room that became the laundry room when she could no longer go down stairs with clothes. That old doorway became five large cabinets in the bathroom and an awesome school closet on the other side. If nothing happens, I’ll have to share pictures when I'm finished cleaning.

It’s hard to believe there are only six weeks of school left for this year. I'll be working on filing away papers and lesson plans for the upcoming weeks. I'll be making a list of the books I need to order, so I can start ordering next week. Did I say, I can't believe the end of the school year is fast approaching? I'm a little dumbfounded to think about how there will be only three more years of this journey.

I'll be working on finishing up the sweetest little sweater this week. The yarn came on Saturday and I've been knitting like a mad woman. I have to get it finished or my precious grand-nephew won't be able to wear it. As for my quilt, I’m plugging right along. I wish I would have invested in having someone else cut out all the squares for me. I have a fear of not cutting something correctly and end up with squares that don't match. Yeah, I tried making a baby quilt for Jamie before he was born and that happened. So I went back and bought a pre-made quilt top and made his baby quilt. Hopefully not, but it looks like this quilt might become the 8 year afghan. :)

What your plans for this week?

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  1. How long have you been doing the 6-weeks-on, 1-week-off schedule? That's a good idea to order new material during the break. Do you have some things that arrive late?

    I hope to be done with our first year of homeschooling (Abeka K-4) by the end of May, but it may be the first week of june. It depends on how many interruptions I have! It is a joy to watch Gracie grasp new concepts. She is now reading (sounding out) simple words and even spelling some words out by sound. We will be using Abeka for K-5 and 1st grade. My plan is to do K-5 JUly to January and 1st grade February to Fallish of next year. Her birthday is in January so she's an older student for her grade level, and I think she can handle getting a little ahead.


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