6 Things I Learned from My Momma

It’s Mother’s Day and today I'm sharing a little more about my Momma. She'll more than likely crawl in a hole when she finds a post dedicated to her, she’s that kind of person. She'd rather be the person standing in the back of a room than be center stage and in the spotlight; something she passed on to me. God blessed me with the best Momma in the world and I thank the Lord "she raised me right", as they say in the South.

6 Things I Learned from My Momma

My Momma taught me to be a lady from the time I was a little girl. I was taught to be modest in my dress, my talk, and my walk. I was taught to live in such a ladylike manner, others would know I was a lady, even those strangers I pass daily in my life. I'll not forget being told I took too long a stride when I walked. I was the shortest of all my friends and siblings and I learned to take bigger steps just so I could keep up. But one day, Momma saw a lot more to my leg in a dress because of those steps; I quickly learned to walk short, fast steps to keep up with others.

My Momma taught me to be content. We were not a wealthy family and I was taught to make do with what I had. Momma taught me to be frugal when shopping; we shopped thrift stores and the budget shop of the Rich’s department store for most of our clothes, or they were sewn at home. To this day, I’d rather shop at a thrift store or sew something than visit a mall, thanks to my Momma. I’ll never forget a shopping trip to Sears when I was a teen to help her pick out a new dress for Mother’s Day; it had been a long while since she had anything brand new. When I picked the dress up off the rack, I knew it was the one for her. It was BEAUTIFUL! The fabric was thin rayon, very elegant; the color was a soft, creamy taupe with pleats in the skirt. There were tiny pearl buttons up the front with a little white lacy collar. My sweet Momma looked extra beautiful going to church on Mother’s Day that year.

 My Momma taught me to better myself. She encouraged me to study hard and do my best at everything I did. Unfortunately, I inherited her math skills. We laugh about it now, but back in the day we were both in tears while trying to do long division and multiplication – without a calculator. She encouraged me to attend college and get a degree just in case I ever needed to support myself, I could. Even after I was married, she encouraged me to learn what I can like, knitting and quilting.

My Momma taught me to look for love. There was never a time when the words “look for a rich man” came from her lips. I was taught to look for a man who loved the Lord; one who would be a leader; a man who would love me, be faithful to me, and love and care for our son; a man who was not afraid of hard work. She taught me to look for a husband who cared for his own mother and sisters. The night I showed her my engagement ring after being proposed to, my Momma told me, “He doesn't come from money, but I never taught you to look for that. I know he loves you and I won't have to worry about you with him.”

My Momma taught me how to be a wife and mother. I was taught how to care for my husband and son. She taught me to keep a clean house so when my husband arrived home from work, he would never walk into a disaster zone and have to clean something up. The lectures of keeping a clean bedroom were not always a welcome event, but over time, the lesson finally sunk in.

Of all the things I learned from my Momma, the one and only that truly matters is being taught about the love of God. While my sweet Momma is not the one who led me to Christ, although she did lead me to Him. My Momma taught me when I was little that without Jesus, I would be lost and on my way to hell. I would never spend eternity in Heaven with Jesus, with her, and those great men and women of the Bible. I am so thankful for parents who prayed for my eternal security, raised me in church, and taught me to live for the Lord so I would have no regrets later on in life.

My Momma didn't make her name in the corporate world, nor did she feed and care for starving children in third world countries. My Momma did what she was called to do and that was to be a wife and mother. Momma did her job raising five children, caring for a home and a husband. She is what I would call a Proverbs 31 woman; I am one of those children who can rise up and call her blessed.
Happy Mother’s Day, Momma, I love you!

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  1. Lori, what a sweet, sweet tribute to your Mom. I feel like I know her after reading this. Thank you for sharing!


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