A Sacrifice I'm Thankful For {Thankful Thursdays}

This week, Americans celebrated Memorial Day, a day where we remember those who gave their lives while serving this great nation. I’m thankful for the 1.3 million+ men and women who sacrificed their lives so I could live and sleep in peace; talk about a SACRIFICIAL SACRIFICE. Men and women who believed in the cause of FREEDOM not only for themselves and their families, but for everyone who lives within our country, today I’m thankful for that great sacrifice.

A Sacrifice I'm Thankful For

I want my son to know the real meaning of Memorial Day. Like I said earlier this week, it is not about picnics and BBQ, it is about the lives of those who fought and died for the United States.  I want my son to remember how his great-great uncle died in the USS QUINCY at the Battle of  Savo Island. I want him to know that sacrifice along with many others is the reason we have the freedoms we do and I don’t want him to ever forget it.

Encouraging our children to have a hero in life is sometimes a good thing, depending on who that hero is. Those who serve our country should be someone our children can look up to. Those who gave their lives for our country should be labeled a hero.

Today, I’m thankful for the gracious sacrifice of those who gave their lives for our country.


  1. I completely agree. We want our daughter brought up understanding the true meaning also. We still have people over and grill out and relax on that day usually, but we start with visiting the cemetery, listening to a sermon there about the true meaning of Memorial Day, the Color Guard presentation and salute, prayers and then returning home.
    I love the picture of his great, great-uncle! And we are thankful for his service. <3

  2. Oh, gosh, I keep meaning to get over here for Thankful Thursday. Perhaps when I get my own laptop again? Something to be thankful for! ;)


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