Planning and a Few Interesting Finds

This is THE WEEK! School planning and organization for the new school year has been going on. I am looking forward to starting back on Monday, although Jamie is not too thrilled, he did mention he was excited about reading Moby Dick and some of the other books that are planned for his study of American History. Hearing that makes this Momma’s heart glad! I have eight weeks of lesson plans completed except for our history because I had to exchange the curriculum we chose and I’m waiting on it to get here. I have my fingers crossed hoping it will be here before Monday. Funny thing, I learned just yesterday we may be traveling to Missoula with my husband for a job trip. Yeah, a ten-hour drive across Montana calls for road schooling - gotta get those hours in!

Planning and a Roundup of Homeschool Links l

Since I’ve been busy with school preparations, I thought I would share with you a Roundup of Home Education links I found interesting while doing some research recently.

As a Momma of a boy, I remember what it was like trying to get Jamie interested in learning something. Sometimes games were a hit while some were a bust. Sheila from Brain Power Boy shared seven games that boys should like.

Samantha from Le Chaim on the Right is my kind of teenager – a history nerd! She is a homeschool blogger and has quite a stand when it comes to politics – she doesn’t back down for what she believes in. Samantha shares 100+ Historical Books with a review. Part two of the list can be found HERE.

I’ll never forget a time when I “dog- eared” a page in a book, when Jamie was in preschool. He just about had a fit, because his teacher had taught her class that books were special and needed to be cared for. Anna from Path Through the Narrow Gate shares how she created some of the cutest corner bookmarks.

Manners – every child needs to learn them if not, you'll be one of those parents who will want to crawl in a hole when you're embarrassed at a child's behavior. Alecia from Learning 2 Walk shares three very important words/phrases our children need to learn the moment they can talk.

While a quality academic education is a must, my top priority in teaching my son at home was for him to be the right kind of Christian God wants for him. No one else is going to train our children to love and live for the Lord, like us parents. Lindsey from the Road to 31 shares her heart about the importance of discipling our children.

Are you in the planning stages of your school year, or are you waiting as long as you can before starting? :)


  1. Lori, I am so relieved! I thought my family was maybe the only family in the world that was starting home school again in July. Last year was so hectic, though, that I decided that we needed to get an early start this year to give ourselves a little more "breathing" space during the school year. Thanks again for sharing the Nibblin' Monsters Bookmarks. May God bless you and your family!

  2. Hi Lori,
    Thank you for sharing our Sight Word Games post. Much appreciated! Good luck with your planning.


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