Thankfulness Leads to Contentment

Several years ago, I shared about being CONTENT during a situation in my family’s life and  three years later I revisited that time of CONTENTMENT.  While I was reading over both of those posts earlier this week I remembered the pain my family went through and old wounds became tender. It was a time we drew closer to God as a family and it was a time I had to draw closer to God as Christian and I am thankful for this part of our lives.

Thankfulness Leads to Contentment - Thankful Thursdays Linkup l

Thankfulness leads to Contentment

During that time, I was longing for several things: earthly possessions, return to a work God called us to, and a place to hide from everything that had happened. No matter what I was longing for, they were not the REAL things I needed. My deepest need was God and God alone.

Thinking back to praying for peace about items we were going to have to let go, I am thankful God heard those prayers. I am thankful He gave us sweet peace because if He hadn’t, I would probably still be standing at that storage building crying over boxes of our childhood things, my son’s baby and toddler things, and a beautiful dining room table, chairs and hutch my husband worked so hard to give me.

All of those items belonged to God and He saw fit to allow our family to give them back to Him. You know, God could have taken everything that was in that building away from us, but He didn’t. He listened to our prayers and He allowed us (ME) to be content with what He wanted us (ME) to have. Being thankful leads to contentment.

Contentment means you are at peace
no matter what is going on in your life or what you have.

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