There's Only One Way {Thankful Thursdays}

My favorite yarn store back home is right in the middle of downtown Lawrenceville. When my husband and I got married, all the roads through town were two direction roads. I’ll never forget when they changed all the roads to ONE WAY to help accommodate all the traffic in the area. Talk about confusing! It was as if everyone was having to learn their way around a new town – everyone driving around the square trying to get back to the road they missed or traffic stopping because one person refused to drive around the square to keep from spending that extra time and causing everyone else a headache. M-A-S-S-I-V-E  C-O-N-F-U-S-I-O-N

There's Only One Way to Heaven

There's Only One Way to Heaven

Anytime I went to the store, I knew which road I was to be on and which lane I need to be in so I could swing into the parking lot across the road. Sometimes, I would have to drive around the square to get back to where I needed to be because of inconsiderate drivers trying to make their way through the mess. Once I walked across the road and entered that quaint little shop, all the stress from the mass confusion was gone; I was able to enjoy my time shopping.

I’m thankful I am the child of God who only requires ONE WAY to Him. There is no mass confusion, no driving around in circles, no backtracking to get into the correct lane. All it takes is ONE WAY - Jesus Christ - to get to God.

 All it takes is ONE WAY - Jesus Christ - to get to God.

While there are many beliefs that teach there is more than one way to God, that is not what the Bible says. In John 14:6, Jesus specifically says that no man can come to the Father but through Him. Acts 4:12, salvation can’t be found in any other. I Timothy 2:5, there is one mediator between God and man – Jesus Christ.

Although our daily life throws us some confusing decisions we have to make, we can know that there is only ONE WAY to God – Jesus Christ and I am THANKFUL for Him.

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  1. Right on! Only one way. It's a beautiful day here to be praising the Lord.


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