10th Grade Reading List

Another year another reading list – As I look back over the blog, I realize I only started sharing our reading list a few short years ago. I wish now I would have started it sooner, so I could have a list to share without digging through all of my files that are stored away. I think that is something I’ll be working on in the future.
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In the past, I over planned with books to read since I was the one “in charge” of all the planning. I wanted to make sure I was able to get books from the library if another was unavailable. Now that Jamie is older and has more say in what he does in school, I’ve allowed him to choose the books this year for History reading. – I’m okay with this because honestly, it is about QUALITY, NOT about QUANTITY.

Since we are studying Baptist History this year, I wanted us to read together books that pertain to this subject. A friend of mine recommended the following books:

The Bible Makes Us Baptists and The Faithful Baptist Witness.


31723: The Faithful Baptist Witness

For **Literature**, we're reading classics this year.

437603: The Autobiography and Other Writings

The Autobiography and Other Writings

432157: Moby Dick

Moby Dick

475691: The Scarlet Letter, Dover Thrift Study Edition

The Scarlet Letter, Dover Thrift Study Edition

For **US History**, I’m excited because Jamie is excited. We choose at least one book per time era until we got to WW2 and then he wanted to choose them all. This kid loves WW2 history. Sadly, I could not find a book about the war on terrorism without horrible language. If I do, I’ll add it.

As you can see we are not overloaded with reading this year. But I am excited Jamie chose the books he wanted to read for history.

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