Gettin' It Done Cleaning & Organizing One Room at a Time

This is my first Gettin’ It Done week for this school year and I’m excited about it. I think some of the excitement is being able to go back to sleep for about an hour after my husband leaves for work every morning. Extra sleep = a happy Momma. You can read more about why I deep clean one room every six weeks.

Gettin’ It Done by Cleaning & Organizing

I’m curious to see how this week goes, because of my new job. Although, I only work in the afternoons three days a week, I’m sure the days I work are not going to be as productive as I want.
Organizing for school: I’ll be working on the lesson plans for the upcoming six weeks and filing away the previous work. A list will be made of the chemicals along with odd and end items we’ll need for Chemistry later on. I hate finding out I need something AFTER my trip to Miles City and end up spending more on the item at the feed store. ~ I really don’t like that!

Organizing for the kitchen and pantry: This week is my grocery shopping week, a list has to be made along with the meal plans for the next two weeks. I seriously need an Aldi’s and a Publix; grocery and meal planning almost puts me in tears when I know what I have to work with regarding stores. I’ll be deep cleaning everything in the kitchen. For the pantry, let’s just say, I’ll be spending most of my time in there. With hunting season opening this week, the grinder and all of the needed equipment for packaging meat will be moved over for easier access. All of the bulk items will be reorganized and a list will be made for our big shopping trip at the end of September.

Y’all, my quilt squares are all finished being pieced together, all I have to do is square them, so I’ll be ordering a square this week. I'll also be trying to choose a fabric for the sashing and the backing of the quilt. Hopefully, it won't take me two months like it did earlier this year. That sweater I mentioned before has become an afghan. My amazing husband made me a pair of large needles; while my yarn is not the correct weight for a warm afghan with these needles, it will be draped over my rocking chair.

Check out those needles.

Now that you know what I’ll be busy working on, what are your plans for the week?


  1. Sounds like you are going to have a productive week! I plan to pull some weeds, start clearing out the large garden, and cleaning the outside of kitchen cabinets for a fresh coat of paint. Plus the normal daily things that need done. I love a clean, organized kitchen... have fun!

  2. I've started doing that very thing this week. I have a list and I'm on it! On the top was redoing Hannah's room into my room and we're ahead of the game as of right now.
    I love your quilt! I'm not sure what you're knitting but I love it! Anyhoo, happy getting-it-all-done!

  3. Hi Lori, how was your weekend?

    Looks like you are having fun alongside your chores. I hope you get things done on your schedule Lori.

    Many blessings to you and have a fruitful week

  4. Thank you, Ifeoma. I had a wonderful weekend, I hope you did also. I was able to get most of the lesson plans finished this morning. I have a couple of things to finish and that part will be complete.

  5. HAHA! I took a picture of those big needles my husband made me. Once I'm finished with the afghan, I'll post a picture of it. I can't begin to imagine changing a college age child's room into something else; I'd be bawling my eyes out. I didn't think I was going to be too happy with quilting, but I really like and the new job will help pay for my endeavors.

  6. I wish I had a garden to clean out, I really miss having one. Container gardening is working for me, I've considered paying family members to hall some Georgia dirt out here so I could see if the dirt is why I can't grow anything. :) I love a clean, organized kitchen also. It makes me want to spend more time in there doing some fun cooking and baking.

  7. Right? Quilting is an expensive habit but gives dividends that last generations.

  8. I know, I can't wait to see how this turns out.


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