Raising a Future Husband

I cannot for the life of me remember where I read “I am raising someone’s future spouse.” But I do remember how I felt when those words struck my inner core. I was shaken into a realization of what part of my job is as a mom. While I am to train my son to be a productive and capable adult, I also have to realize, that one day he will be a husband and father if the Lord allows. I am raising a future husband.

Raising a future husband is a little hard to imagine when your son is young. Children should be considered someone's future . I'm raising a future husband. frogslilypad.net


While my sweet son is almost 16, it is a little hard for me to imagine him being married with a family. When I see him, I see the precious tiny gift God gave to me. Yes, I know it won’t be too much longer, but with my husband’s help in guidance, we are training our son to attend college, work and prepare for his future before the thoughts of marriage even enter his mind.

We are not training him with the mindset of riches and money. We are training him to work and work hard for everything he has and to put aside for his future. We’re teaching him to get his “playing” and “growing up” finished before he plans to marry. The one thing I cannot stand is immature parents who have not grown up trying to be friends with their own children. Parenting does not equal friendship.

As a mom, I try to teach him he will have a wife and family who will depend on him to work and provide for them whether his wife works or not. It is not up to her to provide for the family; being a slacker is out of the question.

While having money is a must to survive, it is not the most important thing for a Christian. Having a personal relationship with Christ is of utmost importance. Spending time daily with the Lord will help him as he seeks guidance concerning his life’s choices.

I work to teach my precious son what kind of man he should be towards women – STRONG but GENTLE. While many women do not like to hear they are the weaker vessel, my son is being taught they are. He is to respect them, open doors for them, allow them to enter and exit first. Speak kindly to them and to remember they are someone’s daughter. Men can be strong and gentle at the same time. Women who are honest don’t want a weakling of a man. They want a man who can throw a bale of hay, wrestle a steer, and put their gentle, loving arms around them when the tears are flowing.

I’m teaching my son to be like his father. He has a wonderful example of a hard working, strong but gentle man in his life. I’m a little selfish in my prayers that the Lord will only give him a woman who truly deserves my son.

As parents, we are raising future spouses.


  1. You know many parents font get this aspect of rasing kids with a mindset that are future spouses and by God’s grace they would be parents too!

    I read this and I am blessed to say you have given me something

  2. Sorry didn't finish writing. ..
    to think about.
    Loads of blessings to you Lori.

  3. You are so right, many parents forget about their children's future life. I'm glad you took something away from this post. Thank you!

  4. Great post & something all parents should take into consideration when raising their children. Thanks so much for sharing with us at #JoyHopeLive!

  5. Hi Mary, Thanks for visiting.


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