Financial Tips for Homemakers {day 23}

Wouldn’t life be grand if we didn’t have to rely on money and budgeting? I think it would a whole lot easier if that part of life didn’t exist – I think. I want to share some Financial Tips that we quickly put to use after we were married and have learned over the years. You know, finances are one of the top reasons marriages end in divorce. Committing to spend the rest of your life with another person means there will be compromising. Your finances are one area where there will be a compromise.
Five Financial Tips for Homemakers. Every couple needs to communicate when it comes to finances. Here are 5 tips for homemakers when it comes to finances. {day 23} 31 Days of Homemaking Series l

Financial Tips for Homemakers

Accountability – It takes two to tango, and it takes two to create a budget. If something goes wrong, blaming the other person can’t be done. Being accountable teaches responsibility and self - discipline. Ladies, don’t fall into the “my husband takes care of all of that” trap. We’ve all heard of women being left behind because of a death or a divorce and they were up to the eyeballs in a financial mess and didn’t know anything about it. Communicate with each other often about the budget and finances; keep each other informed.

Purchase Limits – We are probably the only couple who does this. I NEVER make a purchase (groceries aside) over $15 without letting my husband know beforehand. This works for us and has for many years; I started this during my transition to being full time at home. It took my husband a little getting used to when I’d let him know because he didn’t want me to think of him as a dictator over the checkbook, but in the end it really works for us. There is nothing wrong with me making a purchase, but knowing about it before working on the checkbook is something he likes.

Organization – Find a system that works for you and use it. Being organized with the bills and other important documents keeps the sanity for both husband and wife. When an emergency arises having everything in place and current helps when dealing with those brain fog moments.

Goals – Setting long and short-term goals together help in achieving those goals.  Sharing with each other what you want and dream of is important for future plans.

Communicate – Marriage is a partnership. When we communicate with our spouse they are not left in the dark about things. It’s a sad situation when a spouse has no liberty to speak their mind; it’s even sadder when the other clams up and won’t speak. Communication, it’s a two-way street.

In each of those tips there is one thing that is common, do you know what it is? If you haven't guessed, it is communication. You have to be open and communicate with each other so there will be no stress over your finances.

Do you have any tips you would include?

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  1. Great tips! I keep the checkbook balance and Chuck calls me before he makes a purchase if we haven't discussed it. He will even call me to say he is stopping for gas if he doesn't have cash for it. It has prevented us from being overdrawn a few times.

    I can't agree more that both parties need to know what is going on. My aunt was in one of those my husband takes care of it relationships. She is 80 years old and lost her husband early this year. She had no idea that he had gone through the 401k and set up his pension so he received more money while he was living and now my aunt gets none of his pension. Not only has she had to deal with the loss of her husband, but also some anger/disbelief toward him and fear for her future. It caused Chuck and I to sit down and change a few things.

  2. I thought we would be the only couple who does this; it has kept me from spending money I thought we had. Hearing about your aunt is very sad, Wendi, it is very important for everyone to know what is going on.


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