Learning to Let It Go {Day 19}

Learning to Let It Go is hard for some homemakers, me included. Just this weekend, I had to learn to let things go because I was needed to work an extra evening. Things around the house and even today’s original post had to be put on the backburner – I really don’t like the thought of having to let it go.
Learning to Let It Go is one of the hardest things for a homemaker. This weekend, I learned to let it go because of an extra day at my part time job. {Day 19} 31 Days of Homemaking l frogslilypad.net

Learning to Let It Go

There my laundry sat in a basket, unfolded, waiting to be cared for. The floors needed vacuuming, doggie treats needing to be made and baked. This week’s posts needing to be edited along with images to be created. The anticipation along with the reviewing of a handbook for a driver’s license test this morning for my son; it seemed like everything was being pushed aside because I was asked to cover a shift because of a funeral. Something I said I would not allow to happen when I started my job.

I could have been an unthoughtful and uncaring person and refused to work, but then remembering I could one day be in the position of needing help from someone else; I knew I could not say no. I love my little part time job. I love spending the few hours a week with a little group of elderly people, getting to know them; learning what life in southeastern Montana was like over the past 90+ years. It’s amazing what you learn from the older generation.

Here I sit at 5:00 in the evening, after traveling 170 miles round trip for driver’s license, learning to let it go when it comes to posting a blog post early in the day and making sure everything around the house is tidy. Thankfully, I can spend this evening and tomorrow working on the things that I need to take care of.  I’m Learning to Let It Go.

Will you learn to Let It Go with me?

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  1. Thank you Lori. I'm still learning to let it go,God Bless you!

  2. Last week I was especially with grands as one was extra fussy after shots and teething, another was out of school for fall break and my parents needed extra time and help with dads cataract surgery. I did not get much housework done at home, but you know what? Those dirty floors just waited patiently and got cleaned Monday. It didn't bug anybody but me. :)

  3. Thank you. It's a learning process that continues.

  4. My laundry and vacuuming waited patiently for me to take care of and I'm the only one who was bugged by them. The others didn't even notice the them.


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