10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Teen Guys

Christmas will be here in just a little over 5 weeks. Are you ready? Me neither. Thankfully this year, I’m not sitting at a dead end road like I was last year for gift ideas for my son. He created a wish list and, believe it or not, they are all small things except for one. To make it even better, I can order them all online without having to deal with crazy shoppers. These 10 Gift Ideas for Teen Guys should help you in making decisions while shopping this year because they were compiled by my teen son.

Looking for gift ideas for teen guys? 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Teen Guys by a teen guy, my son. frogslilypad.net

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10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Teen Guys

1Beanies- I have a hard time calling what I grew up knowing as a toboggan a beanie. I think of Spanky from the Little Rascals every time I hear beanie. Call me Crazy!

2Earbuds – most teens now days have music playing where ever they go. Having extra earbuds come in handy for those active guys.

3. Sporting Event Tickets - Most guys love some sort of sports and event tickets are sure to please the one in your life. Don’t have a sports fan? Concert tickets will more than likely put a smile on his face.

4. Gift Cards – fast food, coffee shop, and gas stations are all places where teens go, after school and on weekends. Gift cards will help feed them and get them on their way again.

5. Cash – there is nothing like cold hard cash to a teen. Whether they are saving for a special purchase or hoarding their money away, cash in the hand can go a long way.

6. Favorite Snacks and Drinks – these are gifts I started giving several years ago to my son. He knows every Christmas there will be a case of Yoo-hoo and Mt. Dew under the tree. I even include his favorite candy along with several bags of his favorite chips. These are always a big hit!

7. Hammock – if you are living in a warmer weather climate and your teen enjoys being outside, a hammock would be a nice thing for him to enjoy relaxing in.

8. Movie Tickets – teens like getting together during the holidays when school is out and head towards the mall and movie theater. Having pre-purchased tickets help when that hungry teen is going to spend a small goldmine in the snack line of the local theater.

9. Cologne – believe it or not, many teen guys tend to care about smelling good. I couldn’t help but giggle of the thought of Old Spice being a popular item for teen guys nowadays. I remember my dad wearing the original Old Spice when I was a little girl. Yep, it’s not that Old Spice but scents like Timber and Bearglove are quite popular and smell pretty good too.

10. Novelty Tees – I just love this Bacon Chemistry Tee shirt. If you have a teen who loves bacon like I do, well what can I say?

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Do you have a teen guy you are shopping for this year?


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