Faithful - My Word for 2016

For several years now, I have chosen one word to focus on throughout the year. I find those words to really help in my daily life. My word for 2016 was one that I hadn’t even considered when I began thinking about it.  Anytime I thought about choosing a word, I prayed about it, but I never really focused on asking the Lord to show me a word for 2016.  At the beginning of December, I felt maybe the Lord didn’t want me to have a word for the year or maybe not share it because I never had peace about any words that came to mind.
Faithful – My word for 2016, I find choosing a word for the year to really help in my daily life. Faithful is a word that must become a way of life. I want to be found faithful in every area of my life.

It wasn’t until I asked the Lord what He would want me to work more on in the new year when He showed me the word FAITHFUL.

Faithful - My Word for 2016

When the Lord showed me the word FAITHFUL, I was quickly reminded how He has always been FAITHFUL to me and my family.  I was also reminded how I still battle at keeping my faith in the Lord where it should be. It’s so easy to waver when times get rough!

Being FAITHFUL to the Lord and to my family and home (I’m bad at spending more time doing other things while caring for them doesn’t get my full attention) is what I’m going to be working on this year.

Faithfulness is something that I’ll have to work on the rest of my life; it won’t be just a one year thing. It will have to become a way of life. I don’t want to be found doing things haphazardly, I want to be found faithful in my daily life for the Lord and for my family.

Watch ye, stand fast in the strong. I Corinthians 16:13

Do you choose a word to cultivate in your life every year?


  1. I haven't chosen a One Word before, but considered it last year. I could never decide on one! Then this year I started thinking about it again after another friend chose JOY as hers. I went to sleep on night thinking about what my word could be...and woke up with PEACE. I knew that that was my word! I spent some time researching and writing down all the scripture with the word PEACE in them...and found 2 meanings: PEACE in God and tribulations, and being a PEACEmaker. Those are the areas that I have been feeling a need to work on. I become anxious and stressed and worried, not trusting in our Lord, about many, many things, robbing me of PEACE as well as my family, and with some "challenging" people in our lives (that will continue to be around for a while) learning to be a PEACEmaker by God's design would be incredibly wise and comforting. Probably more than you wanted to know! LOL But that's my word!

  2. I love this, Jessy! Peace was my word for last year and boy did I have to work on the Peace during the tribulations in a couple of situations. Having that peace is what helped me get through them and I am so thankful.

  3. Love this word Lori! The site looks awesome. I see you have been even busier over the holidays:) You know I had never heard of choosing a word until reading friend's blogs over the past month. I have been praying about it and the Lord gave me a word that I am going to write about this week! I am thrilled and thankful that you are still doing the Thankful Thursdays! I am blessed by your writing every time I visit your site. God is going to bless you my friend. Be encouraged!

  4. Thank you, I've been working a little here and there trying to get it how I want and I'm still not finished. I can't wait to read about your word.


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