Gettin' It Done President's Day Week

Another six weeks has passed in our school so we are enjoying this week off from our studies. I’m excited about this week because I have planned to work on nothing but my quilt top when my household duties are completed each day. Believe it or not, I’m staying on track at keeping my paperwork up to date on a weekly basis.

Gettin' It Done - my to do list for the week of President's Day and it's all about quilting.

 Gettin' It Done The Week Of President's Day

Saturday my husband and I enjoyed going to North Dakota so I could pick out a bird feeder and grab some bird seed for Valentine’s Day. It’s amazing to see the difference in 90 miles. When we left our house it was in the low 40’s and hardly any snow on the ground. By the time we made it to the state line, the temperatures had dropped to the low 20’s with freezing rain and snow. While I love snow, I was glad to get back into Montana where the weather was much nicer. We’ve been spoiled with beautiful spring like weather for the past couple of weeks.

This is a picture of the sunset on the way home Saturday night, the orange on the clouds was breath taking.
Gettin' It Done - my to do list for the week of President's Day and it's all about quilting.

Yesterday, I spent most of the afternoon working ahead on laundry and some cleaning, so I could spend today sewing and enjoy having my husband home for President’s Day without having to do any real cleaning. I normally use our week off to focus on deep cleaning a room, but this time, I can wait until next week since the living room is up next.

As for my quilt top, I bought this fabric for sashing. I’ve learned something from this quilting ordeal – I don’t care for buying fabric online. I knew the fabric would probably be a little dark, but once I opened the package, I was disappointed because it was darker than I had hoped. After it was washed and ironed, I laid it out and placed some of the squares on top of it. After seeing them, I liked it a little. Hopefully, once they are all sewn together, I will love it.

This is also grocery shopping week, so I'll work on my list for Wednesday. I'm almost finished with the baby sweater I'm working on, I knit at night since the light in my sewing room is not too great for night time sewing.

This is what is planned for my week. Do you have plans?


  1. I love the colors of your quilt, they look very warm and homey. I had to go find the post where you showed the quilt blocks. Looks so nice and I don't care for point either.
    I posted today for To Do Tuesday and I have some sewing in there too. Love it!

  2. Thanks, Tori. After hanging the blocks and the sashing fabric up so I could see it, I love how they work together, imagine that!

  3. Love the sunset Picture! can't wait to see your quilt when it is finished. Love you!

  4. The sunset was beautiful, Momma. I love you too.


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